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You know what my favorite part of Fantasy Football is? Drafting!

It is the most exciting time of the Fantasy Football season. You are building your team from  scratch and anything is possible. It is when the most trash talking happens and honestly when the most strategy comes into play. Even though you can’t win a league after the draft, you sure can lose it.

Honestly, if I could do 100 drafts each season, I would. The reason I don’t do that many is I don’t want to manage 100 teams.

I still do my fair share of drafts each season and over the 14 years I have been doing this, I have seen plenty of mistakes made, along with making many of the same mistakes.

Below, I will be going through some of the most common draft mistakes that you need to not make in order to succeed.

10 Fantasy Football Draft Mistakes

1. Not Knowing Your League Scoring and Rules

This is going back to Fantasy Football 101. You must know your league rules.

It is not hard. Take five minutes at some point before you draft and look at the league settings. Do you start two quarterbacks, do they score six points or four points for passing touchdowns? Do you start three wide receivers? Is it a PPR league?

If you do not know these types of things, you are bound to lose. You could draft a fourth wide receiver, while passing on a second good running back, but you only start two receivers. That fourth wide receiver pick could have been better used on a running back that would have been in your starting lineup.

2. Following a Set Script/Plan

It is one thing to have an idea of what you would like to do with in your draft, but it is another to not be able to diverge from it at all.

Say you go into your draft picking 10th and thinking I’m going to get a WR/RB/RB, but Adrian Peterson falls to you at the 10th pick. Are you going to pass on Peterson because you said you have to get a WR in the first round? That is crazy.

If you pigeon hole yourself into a set script for your draft, you are going to miss out on better players throughout the entire thing. Be flexible and learn to adapt.

3. Drafting With Your Heart

What do I mean by this? I’ll tell you by using an example.

I have a friend, who I won’t name, but will know who he is after reading this. He will take a bunch of players from his favorite team, just because they are his favorite team. His logic, “I want to win with my guys.”

Okay, that is fine, but realize you are not going to win 99 out of 100 times with that strategy.

4. Buying a Fantasy Football Magazine

Don’t be that guy or gal who on their way to the draft stops by the store and picks up the Fantasy Football magazine and thinks they will be fine. Two things are wrong with this.

  • That magazine is old news. I promise you that guide was published in July, possibly even June, which means it was probably written in May. A lot has changed since then, including injuries.
  • You will be made fun of when you walk in the room with a Fantasy Football magazine. Trust me on this.

Instead, visit sites likes So-Called Fantasy Experts and read all of their fantastic draft articles that are published with way more up to date information. You will do much better in your draft because of it.

5. Not Mock Drafting

DW_NFL_2015_300x250_Free-SimulatorMock drafting is essential to success. No, it does not let you come up with a set plan like I said not to do (see rule No. 2). What it does, though, is it lets you get an idea of where players are falling so when the unexpected does happen you can adjust on the fly. That is imperative when you only have 60-90 seconds to draft in most leagues.

“But I don’t have time.” I hear this all the time. Yeah, a mock draft with real live people can take a while, but we have a solution. Use the mock draft tool here at So-Called Fantasy Experts and mock draft in just minutes. It really is a fantastic tool. You draft against computers that are using the experts rankings from the Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings. Hey! You may just draft against me and not even know it. You can even upgrade to the pro edition for more customizable league settings, if you followed rule No. 1 and know yours.

6. Drafting Two Kickers or Defenses

Unless you are in a 16 team league, and honestly not even sure that would matter to me, there is no reason to draft two kickers or defenses.

The fact of the matter is there will be kickers and defenses available off the waiver wire when you need bye week replacements. I would much rather use those extra picks on another position player and hope that you find a diamond in the rough.

Trust me, you never know what you will find late in a draft. A couple of seasons ago I drafted Knowshon Moreno in the next to last round of a 12 team league. All he did was rush for over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also caught 60 passes for 500 yards and three touchdowns. Not too bad for a flyer.

7. Drafting a Kicker Before The Last Round

This piggybacks off of No. 6. I never, never, NEVER draft a kicker before the last round of standard sized leagues. I don’t usually draft defenses before the next to last round, but that is not always the case.

The reason for this is the difference between the No. 1 and No. 12 ranked kicker last season was 36 total points. That is just 2.25 points per week. That is not nearly enough for me to want to take a kicker any earlier than I have to.

8. Drafting Two Top-Tier QBs

Look, I’m a proponent of waiting on quarterbacks anyway, so drafting two of the top-tier guys is completely pointless in my opinion. If you draft Andrew Luck and Ben Roethisberger, Big Ben is going to sit on your bench every week until Luck has his bye week, thus wasting a roster spot.

Build depth at the running back and wide receiver positions where you will need it the most. There are quarterbacks you can find either off the waiver wire or really late in the draft that can be good as bye week replacements.

9. Drafting a Player & Planning to Trade Him

I’ve done it and failed many times. I draft a player who I think is falling in a draft and think “Ohhh, I can take him now and trade him for something of more value to me later.” This almost never works. You will more often than not get stuck with that player, maybe a second top end quarterback, and wind up having to drop him.

Instead take the player your team needs at that point of the draft. Even if you already have all your starting lineup filled, start building your depth, which I guarantee will be needed.

10. Being Too Drunk

Photo Credit: antoinedemorris

Photo Credit: antoinedemorris

And finally drink responsibly.

Wait this isn’t a beer commercial.

No seriously, you don’t want to be that guy. Sure most of us like to have a few while we draft, especially if we are with our league mates. Just keep it reasonable.

The last thing you want happening is waking up the next morning wondering why you have two kickers, two defenses and Tim Tebow as your starting quarterback.

BONUS – Not Having Fun

Okay, a bonus one here. Remember, Fantasy Football is supposed to be fun. It is a great reason to get together with your family and friends, talk trash, make ridiculous bets and just have a reason to bond over something. Don’t take it too seriously, because in the end it doesn’t mean that much.

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