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As we wrap up our SCFE 2015 Fantasy Basketball rankings, we take on the most under-rated position group: the centers. I will also continue to preach about the versatility offered with dual positional eligibility as you see that all but seven of the Top 30 are eligible at power forward as well.

What makes the center group under-rated is the fact that in a good amount of leagues you are starting two of them and if they are eligible at power forward as well, then you can slot them into over half of your lineup spots. Big men that shoot free throws well also bring immense value to roto and category styles of Fantasy Basketball. They bring great rebounding/blocks/turnover/FG percentage already, but throw in a solid FT percentage and points then you are looking at all-around production (I’m looking at you Anthony Davis!).

Another key point about who you fill your center slot(s) with is that what type of big man you draft will dictate what you are looking for. For example, if you are able to snag Kevin Love and Chris Bosh as your two big men, you will not need as much outside shooting later on since you will be getting a plethora of three-pointers made (whether they should be taking them or not is a whole different story). However you will be lacking in the blocks department and possibly rebounding if Love does not return to his Timberwolves’ days of cleaning up the glass.

On the other hand, if you pick up DeAndre Jordan and Andre Drummond (which I did in an ESPN Experts’ league, which will have a draft recap this weekend), then you will need to counter balance the putrid free throw shooting and lack of three’s with a J.J. Redick or Kyle Korver later. Either way, the type of centers you draft will help you plan out the rest of your roster.

Once again, these rankings are geared toward leagues that use some sort of PG/SG/G/SF/PF/F/C/C/UTIL/UTIL lineup with statistical categories including points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, 3-pointers made, FG percentage and FT percentage with value based drafting in mind.

2015 Fantasy Basketball Rankings



The positions are based off of the Fantasy Pros consensus.

Rk Player Name Position Team
1 Anthony Davis PF,C NOR
2 DeMarcus Cousins PF,C SAC
3 Blake Griffin PF,C LAC
4 Andre Drummond PF,C DET
5 Nikola Vucevic PF,C ORL
6 Marc Gasol C MEM
7 DeAndre Jordan C LAC
8 Al Jefferson PF,C CHA
9 LaMarcus Aldridge PF,C SAS
10 Chris Bosh PF,C MIA
11 Kevin Love PF,C CLE
12 Kenneth Faried PF,C DEN
13 Rudy Gobert C UTH
14 Paul Millsap PF,C ATL
15 Pau Gasol PF,C CHI
16 Brook Lopez C BKN
17 Dwight Howard PF,C HOU
18 Greg Monroe PF,C MIL
19 Markieff Morris PF,C PHO
20 Derrick Favors PF,C UTH
21 Al Horford PF,C ATL
22 Nerlens Noel PF,C PHI
23 Serge Ibaka PF,C OKC
24 Jonas Valanciunas C TOR
25 David Lee PF,C BOS
26 Mason Plumlee PF,C POR
27 Dirk Nowitzki PF,C DAL
28 Hassan Whiteside C MIA
29 Karl-Anthony Towns C MIN
30 Zach Randolph PF,C MEM



  • As I said previously, the overlap of positions can skew the rankings with guys showing up on multiple lists. My next three centers, Marcin Gortat, Tim Duncan and Enes Kanter will be drafted in the majority of leagues, as a good amount of the Top 30 will be slotted at PF.
  • The more I think about it and look at it, the more that I want to put Anthony Davis at #1 overall. If he starts making three pointers while continuing to increase his assists, he could challenge late-2000’s LeBron James as the best Fantasy Basketball asset in the past 20 years.
  • Oh how I will miss Dirk Nowitzki and his sweet shooting touch when he is gone. I may be a bit of a homer and have him too high on this rankings list, however.
  • The guy who could make the leap into the Top Five on this list is Rudy Gobert. He has the physical tools and if he develops his post game a little more, his scoring could reach 20 points a game.
  • Dwight Howard is the ultimate high risk/high reward candidate. He could end up as the second best big man in the league … or play just 15 games and be a complete spare.
  • I am not a believer that Hassan Whiteside will continue the torrid pace he set last season, but I have definitely been wrong before … *gulp*.

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