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Ahhh Daily Fantasy Baseball. It is wonderful and truly is a daily game. The beauty of it is that you can also take days off whenever you want with zero repercussions. I am writing this post to help anyone who is looking to play today, however I would be perfectly content taking the day off.

There are plenty of options and opportunities but the split slate and having only a total of 8 games is a little intimidating for me. I will be playing, but a much smaller percentage than a normal night. I will be writing this post as an all day contest and not for split slates.

As always I am not intending for folks to use every player I recommend as much as building around a few key cogs, or perhaps finding a value play or two and going from there. If you can build an entire lineup with my picks and it works? Well done!

Ok, last night I couldn’t resist the urge to play and tossed together some lineups about 15 minutes before first pitch. Big mistake for two reasons. Most people aren’t skilled enough to do this with minimal research, and I certainly am not. Second, because of lack of research I missed a big time weather concern with the Cubs/Brewers game. I used at least four Cubs players and needless to say it will destroy my chances to cash.

Lesson learned, I preached it plenty but didn’t follow my own advice. Big mistake! Stay tuned for updates on all things such as weather prior to first pitch tonight here. You should also monitor starting lineups, which thankfully are typically submitted well before the games. Many lineup sites also include weather forecasts as well.

If you are into player projections, lineup builders and other cool tools, you should be checking out rotoQL. I tend to use these on days when I am crunched for time, and I have to admit this tool is fast, easy and I look forward to seeing how it does. Just be aware and use some of the tools I provide you as usual with the weather and daily lineup cards.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Thursday, April 28th

A quick note: If I am only listing one player it is because they are essentially both a good value, and a top choice for me. Some positions and pricing haven’t quite balanced out yet on the Daily Fantasy Sites.

Starting Pitcher

Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers

Last night’s agony may be today’s reward. Arrieta should be as chalk of a pitching play today as you can get. He will cost you mightily but you can’t get a much better matchup than this one.

Tanner Roark, Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies

Roark’s last start was astoundingly good, and although it was against my hapless Twins 15 strikeouts in seven innings is great. He won’t likely be approaching those numbers again today, but the Phillies can strike out plenty too. The nationals have been playing very well, so a win is also likely and all for a nice price.


First Base

Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers (Jungmann)

Rizzo like Arrieta was a no doubter and the same remains for today. Other options are spending up for Paul Goldschmidt, or saving a few hundred on David Ortiz. However I think Rizzo is the play today and he should be a lock to meet value.

Second Base

Josh Harrison, Pittsburgh Pirates @ Colorado Rockies (Chatwood)

Harrison is in Coors field and has been playing well as of late averaging 8.2 FPPG. This seems like a great day to play him. He is spendy though so if you are looking for a cheaper and sneaky play perhaps Jedd Gyorko would be an option at $3,000 on DraftKings. He won’t qualify on FanDuel however.

Third Base

Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies vs Pittsburgh Pirates (Nicasio)

Arenado is another Chalk play but on a slate like today’s I am going to be spending up and using the guy who is averaging 10.9 FPPG.

Travis Shaw, Boston Red Sox vs Atlanta Braves (Chacin)

A nice value play today and he is playing very well still. Averaging 8.6 points on Draft kings is nothing to scoff at.


Xander Bogaerts, Boston Red Sox vs Atlanta Braves (Chacin)

This should be a great match up for the Red Sox and Bogaerts today. With only eight games a stack of Sox,  Pirates or Cubs makes sense.

Jedd Gyorko, St. Louis Cardinals @ Arizona Cardinals (de la Rosa)

Another value play here. I mentioned him above as a second baseman on Draft Kings as well, but if you need a shortstop on FanDuel or DraftKings he can help you too. Always potential for a homer.


Dexter Fowler, Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers (Jungmann)

Fowler should be a solid play today and part of the Cubs stack if you choose to do so. Jungmann makes a great target to rough up.

Stephen Piscotty, Saint Louis Cardinals @ Arizona Cardinals (de la Rosa)

A hot bat against a vulnerable pitcher is always a good thing. He will cost you a bit but should produce today.

Adam Eaton, Chicago White Sox @ Baltimore Orioles (Wilson)

Five category potential against an unproven pitcher today gets me excited. Eaton will be targeted in almost all my lineups today.

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