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Patience is a virtue.

Playing Fantasy Baseball takes patience.

And what do most Fantasy Baseball managers not have? That’s right class — PATIENCE!

Oh, by the way, I’m your substitute teacher Mr. M, and I’m here to teach you about how to take advantage of impatient managers in your Fantasy league. Let’s face it, people want to win and they want to win NOW — they don’t want to wait for players to heat up!

When players start out slow, some managers will chalk them up as a “bust candidate” and will look to sell these players on the cheap. So the lesson that I’ve prepared for you this week is five players you should try to get on the cheap from eager managers before it’s too late.

Fantasy Baseball: Five Players To Get On The Cheap


Jonathan Lucroy, C, Milwaukee Brewers

There was a lot of hype going into 2016 with Jonathan Lucroy after he missed most of last season with a broken left big toe and then a concussion. Ouch!

Problem is, this season he’s off to a very slow start. No need to worry because when Lucroy is healthy, he is easily one of the best offensive catchers in the league. He’s bats in a pretty depleted Brewers lineup, but he does regularly bat cleanup, and how many catchers can you say that about?

There was much speculation about Lucroy being shipped off as the Brew Crew are in complete rebuild mode, so if he does end up at a new destination (which sounds like he’s all for), there’s a good chance it’ll breathe new life into the veteran catcher.

Get him while you can on the cheap so you can reap the benefits of one of the best offensive catchers who currently bats in one of the most homer-friendly ballparks.

Freddie Freeman, 1B, Atlanta Braves

Freddie Freeman, mister reliable, is not so reliable right now.

When you look at the Atlanta Braves roster, you’ll notice there are many names that you don’t, well, notice. The Braves right now are in a complete rebuild mode which makes Freeman the last known Brave standing.

Freeman was battling wrist problems most of the second half last season as well as during Spring Training this year, and that could have something to do with his slow start.

He’s shown signs of life lately, batting a very Freeman-like .333, with five runs, and two RBIs since being benched on April 14. However the cookie crumbles, look to jump on Freeman for cheap once he breaks out of this cold slump and enjoy his ever consistent play.

Jason Heyward, OF, Chicago Cubs

Be honest, are you guilty of drinking the Cubbie-flavored Kool-Aid?

It’s OK if you did, I’m pretty sure all of our upper lips have some sort of remnant flavor on them.

The Cubs made a huge splash this past winter by acquiring  free agent Jason Heyward. Poised to man right field and bat atop one of the most lethal lineups in all of baseball, how could anything go wrong?

Well, to start the season J-Hey has zero homers, one steal, and is batting a .170.

Those are starts to the season that make some managers worried. But not you. Now’s the time to snatch Heyward for cheap, because once he and his Cubs teammates start hitting they’re not going to stop.



Chris Archer, SP, Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays offense is terrible — and that’s putting it mildly. Which means getting run support for wins for Chris Archer is few and far in between.

Problem is, Archer has been terrible — again, putting it mildly.

Archer blew up (in a good way) last year to become a true pitching ace by striking out 252 players in 212 innings of play while maintaining a solid 3.12 ERA. Archer had a bumpy end of the season by pitching to the tune of a 6.58 ERA and a bloated 1.81 WHIP, which most analysts chalked up to him running out of gas.

Well, that bad start has spilled over to the beginning of 2016 and hopefully you have a manager that is fed up with him and is willing to deal. Jump all over Archer ASAP because he’s too good of a pitcher to not figure things out.

Corey Kluber, SP, Cleveland Indians

Kluber. Looks. Bad.

But, fortunately enough, if you’ve followed the once Cy Young award winner, he’s a very slow starter.

In 2014, the year he won his lone Cy Young, he posted a 4.14 ERA and in 2015, he posted a 4.24 ERA. Three games into the 2016 season and Kluber is sitting on a bloated 6.16 ERA.

So look, like many pitchers, Kluber and his devastating pitching arsenal heats up as the season progresses. Kluber’s peripherals show that there’s nothing wrong, it’s just a rough start to the year.

Make light of his slow start and pounce on Kluber before he starts striking out people by the bunches.

Also, he’s nicknamed “Klubot,” so that alone should make you want him on your team.

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