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Unlike Fantasy Football, when you draft a player for a position in Fantasy Baseball, he could be eligible to play at other positions, based on his play last year. He could also gain position eligibility at other positions this season.

So drafting good players that are eligible at multiple positions in Fantasy Baseball is a good idea because it affords your team some flexibility.

For instance, if you draft someone like Ben Zobrist of the Chicago Cubs, who has eligibility at second base and outfield in most Fantasy formats, then you can more easily draft a DH-only player like David Ortiz, Kendrys Morales or Prince Fielder.

We listed out all of the hitters that are eligible at multiple positions for Fantasy Baseball in 2016, using 20 games played from 2015 as the standard cutoff. You should know that most leagues also allow a player to get eligibility at a new position once they play there five games this season.

Make sure you know your league’s eligibility rules, as some leagues only use 10 or 15 games played from 2015 to make them eligible at a position.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Multiple Position Eligibility Players

We’ve listed players at their primary positions from 2015, so if you can’t find the player you’re thinking about, check his other position. We did not list the games played at other positions for each player if they were not more than 20. Finally, we bolded the players that have eligibility at THREE different Fantasy positions.

Primarily Catchers

Alex Avila, Chicago White Sox (44 games at catcher; 23 games at first base)

Buster Posey, San Francisco (106 at C; 42 at 1B)

Stephen Vogt, Oakland (100 at C; 25 at 1B)

Primarily First Basemen

Mark Canha, Oakland (75 at 1B; 61 at OF)

Chris Davis, Baltimore (111 at 1B; 30 at OF)

Marwin Gonzalez, Houston (43 at 1B; 32 at SS; 21 at 3B)

Chris Johnson, Miami (30 at 1B; 27 at 3B)

Tyler Moore, Washington (39 at 1B; 21 at OF)

Ben Paulsen, Colorado (91 at 1B; 20 at OF)

Mark Reynolds, Colorado (100 at 1B; 22 at 3B)

Clint Robinson, Washington (44 at 1B; 37 at OF)

Sean Rodriguez, Pittsburgh (102 at 1B; 29 at OF)

Darin Ruf, Philadelphia (66 at 1B; 22 at OF)

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