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My fellow So Called Fantasy Experts and I will be cranking out material for Fantasy Baseballer’s of all levels over the next month. One thing we have been working on recently are our Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings. This post we will focus on the shortstop position.

Other posts containing Sleepers, Busts, Positional player profiles, and more are already on the site and there is plenty, plenty more to come in the next month and beyond. Stay tuned and even better try using the Email Advice tool for a response within 24 hours, and likely by multiple experts for any type of Fantasy related question you may have. Heck we may even be able to dole out relationship advice if needed. I did take an Intimate Relationships class in college.

Anyhow, I got sidetracked again didn’t I? Let’s get back to this post and the SCFE Consensus shortstop rankings. Shortstop seems to be an important position each and every year. This is likely because of the lack of depth at the position, and the disparity between a tier one and tier 3 shortstop is far more dramatic than an outfielder for example.

The position is refilling nicely with very talented prospects who have already arrive to the majors, or will soon be on their way. In fact this season two of my top three shortstops are former top 10 prospects in Carlos Correa (No. 1) and Xander Bogaerts (No. 3). Jung-Ho Kang is not included in the shortstop rankings, but if he is eligible in your leagues he would be about No. 6 for me.

The best part about consensus rankings is you don’t only have my rankings but a group of SCFE staff. This allows you to see the differences and similarities across each player’s ranking. This should either help you with consensus, or it may confuse you depending on the differences.
Either way, let’s have a look at the 2016 Shortstop Rankings now.

Get While the Getting’s Good!

The shortstop position as mentioned above has plenty of youth here or on its way, but what it isn’t known for is its power or depth. If you are seeing shortstops fly off the board you may begin biting your fingernails with concern, and for good reason. After the top 5, some would argue top 8 the position becomes murky.

The player with the most power at the position struggled somewhat in 2015 (Troy Tulowitzki) while the phenom Carlos Correa took over the power title last year with 22 home runs. Correa didn’t even play a full season in the majors.

Speed is also an asset in Fantasy Baseball, but oddly enough the shortstop position hasn’t been providing too much in this category either. Elvis Andrus, Jose Reyes and Jean Segura were the only shortstops to surpass 20 steals in 2015. In fact even hoping for 10 or more steals may be a stretch.

Brandon Crawford and Xander Bogaerts cemented themselves in the position with Bogaerts being a top 3 option. What Crawford accomplished in 2015 with power and consistency, Bogaerts balanced with runs, batting average and RBI proving they both belong in the discussion of upper-tier shortstops in 2016.

Late Spring Update

Jhonny Peralta, St. Louis Cardinals

The biggest news at the shortstop position is the Jhonny Peralta injury in Saint Louis. This dramatically hurts his value, and for those looking for a nice bench stash he is a great option. It should also mean one of my personal favorites Jedd Gyorko is back in the limelight with additional playing time. However it is important to note he has looked putrid so far this spring. The Cardinals did also sign aging veteran Ruben Tejada as well so Gyorko is not guaranteed anything.

Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies

Trevor Story has all but secured the starting shortstop role in Colorado and with this he should be rocketing up rankings everywhere. If you were lucky enough to draft him earlier this year you may have landed a late-round gem.

Trea Turner, Washington Nationals

Trea Turner has been making plenty of noise and will likely start in the minors, but his time in AAA will likely be very short. Turner should be another late-round option for Fantasy owners over the enxt few weeks.

Ketel Marte, Seattle Mariners

Ketel Marte is one of my personal favorites this season, and continues to be available at an affordable price and draft round. He is the starter and Seattle sees a bright future for him. Keep tabs on him for sure.

Good luck the rest of the way and happy drafting! Be sure to stay tuned to SCFE for all of your draft day and regular season needs.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings

These Fantasy rankings are mainly for Rotisserie leagues that use home runs, RBI, runs scored, stolen bases and batting averages.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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