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Before we get into the 2017 Fantasy Third Base rankings, I thought we’d take a quick trip back in time to look at the third base production from 10 years ago. Specifically, the season that Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez had – making him a top pick in Fantasy circles the following season.

A-Rod hit 54 home runs, with 156 RBI, 143 runs scored, 24 stolen bases and a .314 batting average. Does that sound like a guy you’d like to have this year!?! I’d push my grandmother in front of a truck for a third baseman like that! (I didn’t say the truck was moving.)

Fangraphs points at that 2007 season by A-Rod as the most valuable hitting season since 1920! A-Rod’s production gave him a value of $56! That’s not just among third basemen – that’s among every hitter at every position in the past century!

Devin Jordan wrote a post on the top Fantasy Baseball seasons of all-time, and that 2007 season from A-Rod ranks as one of the best since 2001 (and third-best since 1970), along with Matt Kemp’s 2011 season, surprisingly enough.

But really, we don’t even have to go that far back to see how third basemen have suddenly exploded in depth and production.

By looking at FanGraphs’ End-of-Season 3B Rankings for both 2014 and 2016, you can see how dramatic the rise has been. In 2014, no third basemen posted a $30-plus value season – unlike Nolan Arenado’s season from 2016. Even better, there were six $20-plus players and 14 players posting values of $10 or more in 2016. Compare that to just three $20-plus third basemen in 2014, and an abysmal seven 3Bs worth $10 or more!

2017 Fantasy Third Base Rankings

We have now ranked catchers, first basemen, second basemen and  now the 2017 Fantasy Third Base Rankings are behind us. We’re about halfway done with our draft prep rankings, so make sure you check back over the next few days.

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