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2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

2017 Quarterback Rankings: Rodgers, Brady, And Brees, But Who’s Next?

2017 Quarterback Rankings
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The wait is over. Here are the 2017 Quarterback Rankings!

You might not have been able to wait for the rankings, but you do know you can wait on a QB, right?

However, you had better know who the top ones are. Moreover, you better know who you won’t have to fight your league mates to get.

One way to do this is to consider SCFE’s 2017 Quarterback Rankings and use them accordingly. Below are the rankings from Fantasy Football legend David Gonos and our three senior writers, Michael Tomlin, John LaPresto and yours truly. Look at where we disagree. Look at where we agree. Try to figure out why and let that guide your own rankings. Or you can ask us. We love the fan/hate mail!

2017 Quarterback Rankings


2017 SCFE QB Rankings Takeaways

  • Buckwheat said it best: “Been a lon time sinz dem days.” Yes, all four of our staff rankers are in complete agreement for not just the top quarterback, but the second and third as well.
  • All four rankers also agree that if you are going to grab a rookie, DeShaun Watson is the rookie to take. Note that he is ranked a high-end QB3.
  • Our rankers also generally agree on Ryan Tannehill. He is ranked 21st by one ranker and 22nd by the other three. They also seem to agree on Alex Smith. Smith is ranked 25th by one ranker and 24th by the other three. Both are viewed as low-end QB2s and you should regard them as such.
  • Meanwhile, 15 different QBs were ranked by at least one of rankers as QB1 worthy. Tomlin seems to break away from the herd ranking Tyrod Taylor as the eighth-best quarterback. Taylor’s running ability is probably what vaults him up Tomlin’s rankings. On the flip side, I am far less optimistic about Ben Roethlisberger than my contemporaries. He’s an absolute stud at home, but over the last three years, he has 24 touchdowns in 25 away games. I can’t rank a guy high when he averages less than a touchdown in half of his games.
  • Another situation we all agree even less about though is the Cleveland QB situation. I was the only one who left Brock Osweiler unranked. Gonos left DeShone Kizer unranked. Gonos and I both left Cody Kessler unranked. Either way, stay away from the Cleveland QB situation to start the season. Do you really want a guy, who even the most optimistic of us, has ranked as the 34th best QB?
  • I wanted to highlight Sam Bradford. His average rank should come as little surprise. However, Mike Tomlin is much more pessimistic. He ranked him 28th overall while I am more optimistic, ranking him 19th. I understand Tomlin’s pessimism. However, Bradford now has a year under his belt as the Vikes signal caller. That familiarity will make him worthy of QB2 status.


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