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Late-round corner infielders are quite popular in the latter stages of 2016 Fantasy Baseball drafts.

It makes sense, really, considering corner infielders usually have some power potential. They might be deficient in other categories, like speed and batting average, but they can give your power numbers a decent boost many times. Then again, there are some corner infielders with better on-base abilities, but they don’t swing a huge bat, which is why they’re available late in the first place!

Obviously, which types of corner infielders you draft late depends on how you build your team at the outset of your draft. Did you land Clayton Kershaw or go heavy on pitching early on and miss out on the 40-HR guys? What if you drafted Jose Altuve, Dee Gordon or some other speedsters early, and you had to catch up on the power categories late?

Corner infielders are drafted a little deeper than some of the other categories for a number of reasons, including the fact that aging sluggers get moved to first base, which means they might see the disabled list more often than not. Also, there are usually better corner-infielder options available for your designated hitter spot, than over at outfield or in the middle infield.

So we decided to look at the back end of 2016 Fantasy Baseball drafts to find some quality corner infielders you should target late, either for your CI spot or DH – or as a backup.

5 Late-Round Corner Infielders to Target in 2016

The Average Draft Positions (ADP) denoted here are from 2016 NFBC mixed drafts, and we looked at all corner infielders chosen past pick No. 200, which would be after Round 16 in 12-team drafts (in parentheses) or after Round 20 in 10-team drafts.

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