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How often have you constructed what you feel is a solid Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) lineup, only to finish out of the money?

You have learned that when playing tournaments, you need to take a few more risks, given they only pay out around 10 percent of total entries. And for cash games, such as 50/50s, slow and steady wins the race, so trying to win more consistently is important.

You have also know that while, 50/50s don’t offer the same allure and grand prizes of tournament play, in the long run, playing 80% cash games and 20% tournaments, is the accepted industry method to best build your account balance.

So why then, six weeks into the MLB season, has your bankroll not double in size, or worse, even gone in reverse? You’ve done your research. You know the players. What are you doing wrong? Short answer. You are ignoring the other half the equation that is DFS.

DFS uses a points structure. Therefore, when constructing your daily line-up, maximizing your line-up’s total at-bats, and the value of those at-bats, is how you turn a good line into a great line up.

5 Tips For Winning More Consistently

Here are 5 factors you must consider when setting your Daily Fantasy lineups.

1. Avoid constructing your entries at the last minute.

Tweaking your lineups 30 minutes before game time is a sound strategy. Starting to build your line ups a few minutes before cut off is not. I know how tempting it can be to get home from work, and rush and put together a line-up in time for that night’s early slate of games.

Instead, try setting your lineups over lunch, or on your commute home if you take public transit. Use those final last minutes to look up lineup cards to make sure your entire roster is starting that night. Nothing hurts your score more than a zero from a game-day scratch.

2. Stack your lineups with position players who bat 1-6 in their respective order.

Players who bat earlier in their team’s line up not only get more at-bats per game, but are more likely to produce more RBI and runs scored, which offers a multiplier effect in the points these players can earn.

These days, managers shift players up and down the line-ups a lot more than they did 10 or 20 years ago. This offers DFS players real value when they can identify a player who was recently moved up in their team’s batting order.

3. Understand your the scoring system.

Further to stacking your line-up with batters who hit one through six, it is vital to understand all the nuances of your daily site’s scoring system. How does your daily site treat stolen bases vs. caught stealing? Strikeouts vs. home runs?

On Fanduel for instance, a batter who goes 1 for 4, but who’s hit is a solo home run, will still out perform a player who goes 3 for 4, with three singles, if that second player doesn’t earn also earn any RBIs or a run scored.

4. Consider if your position player is a defensive liability.

Is one the players you have selected often subbed out in the 8th and 9th inning for a defensive replacement? This could mean one less at-bat, so this needs to be factor in when evaluating that player’s value.

5. Weather.

Seems obvious, but if there is a full slate of games, there is no reason to select a player who’s playing in a game where there is a strong chance of rain. Especially pitchers.

If a rain delay is lengthy, starting pitchers often don’t return when play is resumed. That could mean a pitcher who is comfortably in the lead in the third inning, loses the opportunity to earn the win.

Furthermore, MLB only requires a game to go 5 innings to be considered a complete game. So why take the chance? Keep your DFS lineup stocked with players that have the best chance to play all nine innings.

This handful of Daily Fantasy Baseball tips should certainly help you win more consistently. Good luck!

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