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7 Things About Fantasy Football I Could Do Without

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We all have a list of things we could do without. Mine probably starts with people driving 20 miles under the speed limit. It continues with tiny things like stores decorating for Christmas before Halloween. I will not list everything, but sometimes, even Fantasy Football I could do without.

Yes, you read that right.

But first, an announcement that our draft kit will begin rolling out before the end of this month. It will be chock full of all kinds of great information like the usual sleepers and busts, strategy pieces, and everything else you have come to expect from SCFE like bold predictions and more!

A commonality between those articles will be how awesome Fantasy Football is. And it is. But sometimes it leaves me wishing I could do without it, so before our draft kit kicks off, I’ll take the opposite view and present some of the things that piss me off about Fantasy Football.

As Tears for Fears instructed me to do, I’m letting it all out and these are things I could do without.

7 Things About Fantasy Football I Could Do Without

1) Importance of Luck

Fantasy Football is the most popular Fantasy sport. I suspect much of that is because you don’t have to be an “expert” to have success. Anyone can put together a competitive team. This extends to your nine-year-old nephew; your co-worker who drafted Aaron Rodgers because her boyfriend is a big Packers fan, and even your mom playing in your family league because “its nice for the family to do something together.”

The reason is simple: luck. Unlike its other Fantasy sports brethren, Fantasy Football has the shortest season and requires the least amount of daily roster management. It is a victim of small sample size (A girlfriend told me the same thing, but she wasn’t talking about Fantasy Football!). But it’s true. The Fantasy Football part, not the girlfriend part necessarily. With just 13 weeks, maybe 16 or 17 if you’re lucky, the Fantasy Football season is one of the shortest. The shorter the season, the more randomness can impact it.

And when you are someone like me who knows his stuff, the importance of luck is an element I could do without.

2) Lack of Integrity

I’ll keep this short. If you are in a redraft league and have no shot of making your playoffs even though they are weeks away, continue to play it out.

I know it can feel like a waste and an annoyance. But continue to play like you still have a shot. Playoff fortunes of others should not be altered just because you cared in Week 3 but not in Week 11. Those that refuse to continue their efforts are worthy of my disdain and far greater punishment.

Avoiding this issue is often one of the benefits of a keeper league. Of course, keeper leagues often have questionable trades, which brings me to another thing about Fantasy Football that chaps my hide–the trade veto.

3) The Trade Veto

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If your league has a trade veto then you need you change your league rules. There is never a reason a trade should be vetoed unless its suspected collusion. And if you have suspected collusion, you have an issue with owners in your league which goes far beyond “competitive balance”.

No trade should ever be vetoed. One owner got the best of another? Good for that owner. Everyone had the same opportunity to take advantage of that owner. Shame on you for not being more proactive.

Well, unless it is the fourth thing about Fantasy Football that might drive me mad.

4) Favortism

I will not list any names of course, but I have at least one league where there is an owner or two who pretty much only talks to another owner or two. And it pisses me off.

I know not all owners can be friends and I’m not saying you have to come on like the mayors wife or be Miss Congeniality. But if you are thinking about acquiring keepers and trading away studs for example, that should be public knowledge. It should not be something just your two best friends in the league know.

And if you get a trade offer from someone you don’t know that well in the league, respond in some fashion please. A simple “no thanks” or an even better, “I need a starting WR to make that trade” is all you need. Give every owner in your league equal time when it comes to matters of the league. Speaking of time….

5) People Who Take 10 Minutes To Make a Draft Pick

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I know not everyone is as prepared for a draft as I am. And you might be doing an on-line “slow draft” for an MFL10 for example. But if your pick is four picks away, find four players you are hoping to grab. It’s not that hard.

And yes, I know even I sometimes need a few minutes to make a pick during a draft. But notice I said a few. 10 minutes is way too long. But it happens far too often. Don’t be “that guy” who takes 10 minutes to make a draft pick.

6) Scheduling the Draft

Being a commissioner can be a thankless job. And the worst part of being commissioner is scheduling the draft.

Even if you have the same draft date every year, life happens. Somebody’s sister selfishly decides that your draft weekend is the best time to have her destination wedding and now not one but two of your league’s owners won’t be available. Or someone wins a once-in-a-lifetime contest and now asks to move the draft date.

Even if you get everyone to agree to a date, something happens three weeks beforehand and that owner offers to “call in my picks as I’m driving back.”

We are all so busy nowadays, I get it. And few are busier than my family. But scheduling a draft is a royal pain in the butt I could do without. Of course, it bothers me less than the following item.

7) Your Fantasy Team Losing Out Because Coaches Who Prove Their Incompetence Again and Again But Still Have Made Millions More Salary Than Me

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I don’t think this needs any explanation and I bet you agree that you could do without it too.


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