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Fantasy Baseball Mock Drafts

The easiest way to prepare for your draft.
Fast. No waiting for opponents to pick.
Fun. Draft against the top fantasy experts.
Free. You don’t even have to register.

Fantasy Baseball Mock Drafts powered by FantasyPros

Run Free Fantasy Baseball Mock Drafts Yourself

We call this tool a “gamechanger” in the Fantasy world – then we mock ourselves for using the word “gamechanger.” Rather than mess with a spreadsheet or dealing with a mock draft site where you have to wait for 11 other schmoes to make their picks each round, you’ll get to run your own one-man Fantasy Baseball mock drafts for free!

It’s also safe to say that the computer you’re mock drafting against is smarter than some of these yokels you’d face on a mock draft site. This is easily the best Fantasy Baseball draft tool on the web. You can set the mock draft tool up according to your league’s size and settings.

7 Reasons You Should Try These Fantasy Baseball Mock Drafts

Do I still need to convince you? OK, well, try these reasons on for size.

1. So You Won’t Look Stupid

Sure, you love Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud this season – who doesn’t!?! But you don’t want to pick him so early in your draft that he’s no longer a good value. Know where players are supposed to get drafted.

2. Figure Out Where to Grab a Closer

The only thing worse than being the guy that takes a closer too early – is being the guy that missed out on the top closer by one pick!

3. Discover When Runs on Pitchers Begin

You always want to be on the front of a pitcher run, rather than the back of it.

4. Which Injury Risks are Worth Risking in Which Rounds?

When should you roll the dice on players like Matt Harvey (Tommy John surgery) and Adam Wainwright (elbow)?

5. Know If Your Sleepers are Still Considered Sleepers

How much does it sting when you draft your team a certain way, knowing that you have a secret sleeper set for your last pick, ready to start for you as your fifth outfielder – only to see someone snake him in Round 15. The fact is – your sleeper might not be a big secret anymore. The rankings will help you figure that out.

6. Figure Out When the Rookies Get Drafted

Fantasy Baseball players love them some rookies – but you don’t want to overreach for the top first-year players.

7. Discover When Last Year’s Rookies Get Picked

Just as important is knowing where the post-hype sophomores are getting drafted this season!

My guess is that you stopped reading about midway through and you’ve begun doing free Fantasy Baseball mock drafts already. So at this point, I could pretty much say anything – and no one would know. Like, “May I mow my dog in the banana patch?” … I have issues. Good luck mock drafting!


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