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Last month, I examined relief pitchers with high strikeout percentages.

I thought it would be interesting to scrutinize closers with K/9 rates below 9.00, and their effectiveness so far this season.

Everyone targets high strikeout closers, thank you captain obvious for that one.

But in such a volatile market, finding undervalued assets is imperative.

The major-league leader in saves meets our criteria for this exercise and his team is currently in first place in their division.

Fantasy Closers with Less Than 9.0 Ks/9

Glen Perkins, RP, Minnesota Twins

  • 24 IP  1.88 ERA  19 SV  0 BS  7.88 K/9  1.13 BB/9  5.70 HR/FB%

Always solid throughout his career, Perkins inspired no confidence entering 2015 after last season ended with injury concerns.

What is more likely, the Twins finishing in 1st place or Perkins leading MLB in saves. Selling assets at their peak value is usually a successful transaction.

Joakim Soria, RP, Detroit Tigers

  • 21.1 IP  1.27 ERA  15 SV  1 BS  7.17 K/9  1.69 BB/9  10.00 HR/FB%

Soria the savior in Detroit? The past struggles of the Tigers bullpen is well documented and the situation seems stabilized for now.

Joakim while efficient, comes with concerns of his own and is not without risk based on past health history.

Santiago Casilla, RP, San Francisco Giants

  • 22.1 IP  2.82 ERA  15 SV  3 BS  8.87 K/9  4.03 BB/9  13.60 HR/FB%

The secret of San Francisco’s success has in part been an unheralded bullpen and Bochy’s mastery of it’s usage.

How confident are you that Casilla is the closer at seasons end?

Mark Melancon, RP, Pittsburgh Pirates

  • 24 IP  2.63 ERA  14 SV BS  4.88 K/9  1.88 BB/9  10.00 HR/FB%

Melancon was a highly targeted closer in the preseason but his 2015 has been highlighted by decreased velocity and a plummeting strikeout rate.

A marked man? While being effective is it sustainable and Tony Watson has been terrific since his opening day blowup.

Fernando Rodney, RP, Seattle Mariners

  • 21.1 IP  6.75 ERA  14 SV  2 BS  8.02 K/9  4.64 BB/9  11.50 HR/FB%

If you like living dangerously then Rodney is your man.

I assume if you own Fernando then your familiar with Carson Smith.

Hector Rondon, RP, Chicago Cubs

  • 22.1 IP  3.22 ERA  9 SV BS  8.46 K/9  2.01 BB/9  13.30 HR/FB%

My preseason reconnaissance highlighted Hector as a cost saving option with high-end possibilities.

The latter hasn’t played out and Rondon remains the best option for the Cubs as they are currently consisted.

Tyler Clippard, RP, Oakland Athletics

  • 22.1 IP  2.42 ERA  7 SV BS  7.25 K/9  5.24 BB/9  4.70 HR/FB%

The Clippard acquisition seemed like a stealth move by Billy Beane, especially after the Doolittle injury news broke.

The 2015 version of Tyler Clippard is not the one we have become accustomed to from his days with the Nationals.

Remember not all closers are created equally.

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