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In our ongoing research into each division in the NFL the “so called” experts are moving to the NFC East this week.

Prepare yourself for all things Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Redskins as we go in depth to help you prepare for your draft while your competition drinks Coronas by the pool.

Remember, you will have both the league trophy and less skin cancer when December rolls around!

We’ll be looking at everything from rookies to offseason movement to comeback candidates for your 2015 Fantasy Football season.

Be sure and check out my analysis of the AFC East.

2015 NFL Coaching Changes: AFC East

Dallas Cowboys 

  • Head Coach: Jason Garrett, 5th Year
  • Offensive Coordinator: Scott Linehan, 1st Year
  • Defensive Coordinator: Rod Marinelli, 2nd Year

While Garret has been around the block with the Cowboys, it was Linehan calling the plays last year that was behind the metamorphosis of the Cowboys into a dominant running team. He ironically held the title of passing game coordinator, but was promoted during the offseason to offensive coordinator and will be the unquestioned white matter behind the offensive strategy going forward. While the Cowboys retain one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, they lost their star running back, DeMarco Murray, during the offseason.

It appears that the new found emphasis on the run will flow through Joseph Randle and the ever brittle Darren McFadden this year in Dallas. Yuck is the best way I can think of to describe this situation. Linehan might need to recall his pass happy days in Detroit a little more this year if he wants to point his strategy towards his team’s strengths. This would include Tony Romo and Dez Bryant as large factors, while the offensive line still allows for an average back to grind out yards.

Randle is getting first team reps during OTAs, but there is some whispering that McFadden could get a chance at the opening day starter job. I am always intrigued by McFadden and his injury riddled past, but as George Bush once said, “fool me once shame on…. shame on you.  Fool me… You can’t get fooled again!”

New York Giants

  • Head Coach: Chip Kelly, Tom Coughlin, 11th Season
  • Offensive Coordinator: Ben McAdoo, 2nd Season
  • Defensive Coordinator: Steve Spagnuolo, 1st Season

McAdoo brought some life to the Giants offense last year after moving into the offensive coordinator position. He comes from a Green Bay pedigree with Mike McCarthy and wants to put the ball in the air to put pressure on defenses. In year two, I would expect more of this out of McAdoo as he uses Eli Manning and Odell Beckham as the primary weaponry to accomplish this.

McAdoo seems to actually run the ball a little more effectively than traditional Green Bay offenses, so there is some room for yards on the ground, just no obvious No. 1 running back to claim them. I would think Rashad Jennings begins as the go to back, but keep in mind he will go down to injury at some point. Shane Vereen is no ironman himself, so the injury bug might just decide who gets the carries for the Giants.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Head Coach: Chip Kelly, 3rd Year
  • Offensive Coordinator: Pat Shurmur, 3rd Year
  • Defensive Coordinator: Bill Davis, 3rd Year

In his third year running the show for the Eagles, Kelly now gets personnel decision making authority. He quickly used that power to trade away LeSean McCoy while signing DeMarco Murray and swap Nick Foles for Sam Bradford. Kelly is an offensive minded coach and his novel approach to running a “blur” offense which moves quickly without formal huddles, but still runs the ball heavily has been effective for the most part in his first two years in the NFL.

Coaches are openly talking about Murray being a perfect fit for this system and he will have ample opportunity to show it if he can stay healthy for another full season. Ryan Mathews joins the team to vulture some potential yards until he gets hurt, but that is usually by the end of preseason so Murray should be okay. If a timeshare were to develop during camp, it becomes concerning for Murray’s draft value, so keep an eye on that situation.

The passing game has more question marks. Bradford has never been able to stay healthy and Kelly’s offense wants a quarterback on the move, which doesn’t seem to quite fit Bradford. Will Bradford change his approach, or will Kelly attempt to play to Bradford’s skills? I tend to think that Bradford stays in the pocket for the most part, and if he somehow stays in one piece, this year has some real upside throwing the ball in this offense. Jordan Mathews is the only close to sure thing as far as receivers go. He flashed at times last year and is expected to make progress in his second year. After that there is young, raw talent but lots of questions on playing time. Nelson Agholor, a first round pick, is central to this discussion and likely to factor into the wide receiver plans at some point.

Washington Redskins

  • Head Coach: Jay Gruden, 2nd Season
  • Offensive Coordinator: Sean McVay, 2nd Season
  • Defensive Coordinator: Joe Barry, 2nd Season

The Redskins are a mess. I think that is the nicest way to put it without getting Gonos in trouble with the FCC. Jay Gruden actually directed the bus right over Robert Griffin III at one point last season and its clear there is still a disconnect between the quarterback (that management sold the farm for) and the coaching staff. Gruden has always been credited as being an offensive mastermind from his days in Cincinnati, but I just don’t see it.

His offenses were fairly vanilla and A.J. Green bailed the entire team out repeatedly. His first year in D.C. was an unmitigated disaster with the Redskins finishing 26th in total points for 2014. I guess that stat could be worse, but you would think it was if you watched the confusion that was typical on offense for this team last year.

There are some decent skill players present including DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, and Alfred Morris, so there is some potential here. This is going to be a big year for Gruden’s future head coaching career. If he can right the ship and make this offense hum, he is headed in the right direction. If another year of miscues and dissension is what we see, Gruden might be in the hot seat fairly quickly. Needless to say, for me to roster Washington players means they are coming at a dollar store sort of discount.

Make sure you come back over the next few weeks as we examine more 2015 NFL coaching changes, and we dig deeper into each division for Fantasy Football purposes!


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