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In my last Fantasy Points Allowed piece, I included the final numbers from the 2015. I mentioned that until we got four or five games into the new season, last year’s numbers were still the best base to work with.

Guess what folks, we’re getting ready for NFL Week 6 and 2016’s Fantasy Points Allowed stats are starting to take on meaning. We’ve had to feel our way through the first five weeks of the season, but from here on out, we should be able to do a much better job of identifying the best matchups and exploiting the weaknesses of certain NFL defense.

The table below shows the fantasy points allowed by each NFL defense to the four skill positions most commonly used in Fantasy Football. Sorry boys and girls, if you want the Fantasy Points Allowed numbers for kickers, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The higher the number of fantasy points allowed to each position,

I’ve also included the Week 6 opponent for each team. This will help you not just in identifying the players in favorable matchups, but also those who might be in for a tough week. Winning consistently in Daily Fantasy Football isn’t only about hitting it big on lower priced players in good matchups, but it’s also about avoiding 5-point dud from a player you spent some serious salary on. You’ll want to choose players who go up against defenses that allow high point totals to their position. It’s not exactly Sabermetrics, but it’s a simple tool with direct application.

Is Fantasy Points Allowed by Position the end-all be-all? Nope. But it can be huge tool in helping you build your DFS Lineups. Use FPAbP in conjunction with our SCFE Staff Rankings and you’ll be well on your way to coming away with some green in your Week 6 DFS play.

Fantasy Points Allowed by Position After NFL Week 5

TeamQBRBWRTEWeek 6 Opponent
 Arizona Cardinals17.117.727.94.2NYJ
 Atlanta Falcons23.724.232.015.8@SEA
 Baltimore Ravens14.715.430.06.7@NYG
 Buffalo Bills12.422.228.95.6SF
 Carolina Panthers18.918.627.413.1@NO
 Chicago Bears16.819.028.89.3JAX
 Cincinnati Bengals19.420.530.57.9@NE
 Cleveland Browns21.623.429.220.3@TEN
 Dallas Cowboys19.016.528.715.1@GB
 Denver Broncos14.923.815.97.2@SD
 Detroit Lions23.018.432.116.0LAR
 Green Bay Packers18.712.332.512.7DAL
 Houston Texans12.621.023.93.5IND
 Indianapolis Colts19.927.630.48.9@HOU
 Jacksonville Jaguars20.418.332.56.1@CHI
 Kansas City Chiefs15.724.532.66.0@OAK
Los Angeles Rams10.816.420.03.8@DET
 Miami Dolphins17.022.530.09.8PIT
 Minnesota Vikings19.218.731.811.6BYE
 New England Patriots15.217.820.88.5CIN
 New Orleans Saints17.118.127.412.0CAR
 New York Giants18.134.433.47.2BAL
 New York Jets15.417.032.98.4@ARI
 Oakland Raiders22.518.235.612.9KC
 Philadelphia Eagles23.923.937.813.8@WAS
 Pittsburgh Steelers12.417.624.12.3@MIA
 San Diego Chargers17.223.529.69.4DEN
 Seattle Seahawks17.523.829.310.8ATL
 San Francisco 49ers20.530.330.912.3@BUF
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers17.723.632.98.0BYE
 Tennessee Titans12.616.024.88.5CLE
 Washington Redskins16.428.130.310.5PHI

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