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For our report on Hacking Fantasy Football leagues this week, I wanted to focus on an offense that averaged 29.6 points (third best in NFL) per game in 2014.

After a career year, Fantasy Football fans were anxious to figure out who would replace Jeremy Maclin’s 1,318 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. With the appearance of a limited receiving core, it stood to reason that Jordan Matthews would become the newest star for the offense. With a solid season of 872 receiving yards and eight touchdown grabs under his belt, Matthews would appear to justify an ADP (average draft position) of 4.06 on

After the Eagles selected wide receiver Nelson Agholor in Round 1 of the 2015 NFL Draft, however, some Fantasy players weren’t so sure. If Chip Kelly was able to lead DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to Fantasy dominance and he didn’t even want them, what could he do with a player like Agholor? With a quick glance on Reddit, I quickly found a topic that I was sure would provide for some lively debate, which was, “Why Nelson Agholor could be the best rookie wide receiver for re-draft leagues.”

Almost time for the #AngryBird to soar.


Let’s dive right in and see if we can find a consensus from Fantasy Football players.

Hacking Fantasy Football

Jordan Matthews vs. Nelson Agholor

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I should note that the article was about re-draft leagues, which means you would not have Agholor on your team for more than one season. I still think the commentary, however, is relevant to standard Fantasy Football formats.

The first commenter makes a real good point about the long list of options available. Riley Cooper was not very serviceable in leagues last season, but he still finished the year with 55 receptions and 577 receiving yards. Josh Huff’s main value was in the return game, but Kelly could slip him in for more plays in 2015. If Zach Ertz has improved his blocking, he will be an important fixture to move the ball, and the Eagles do have two strong pass-catching backs in DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. There’s also that guy named Darren Sproles hanging around, who finished 2014 with 387 receiving yards.

While this group of commentators seemed to really understand the nuances of the offense, I think your average player is going to enter 2015 Fantasy Football leagues and have one of two mindsets:

A. They don’t know who Agholor is and just focus on Matthews.

B. They think Agholor is going to be a stud because he is a first-round pick and plays for the Eagles.

With an ADP in Round 7, I think Agholor is going a little high, but I think he is a better option than some of the other receivers selected in that round. If you’re going for upside, I think he’s worth selecting over other seventh-round picks like Roddy White and Mike Wallace.

Even though this is an early look, hopefully you have gained insight on what your opponents may be thinking upon entering your 2015 Fantasy Football draft.

Make sure to check out our the rest of series on Hacking Fantasy Football leagues, were we discuss the value of Jarvis Landry and whether or not you should own Joique Bell or Ameer Abdullah.


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