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Sadly, Hinckley’s Hitting Planner was missing for the opening week of baseball, but Hinckley’s Week 2 Hitting Planner is here and hungry.

This series is going to help you plan your hitters for the week ahead by outlining batters from each position with a great match up for the week.

Also, each week there will be a general theme that in all honesty has no importance, and this week’s is leftovers.

Imagine going out to dinner and the MLB season is your meal, and after the first week of excitement, you are feeling pretty full.

Week 2 of the season is what you took home in a box, and now it’s time to see what you had leftover.

Week 2 Hitting Planner


Evan Gattis, HOU (at SEA, at OAK)


Evan Gattis is the bag full of meatballs my mother gave me last time I was home. By themselves, the meat balls are alright, but with the right mix of ingredients, something even more delicious could be made. Evan Gattis is somewhat of a one trick pony. The man affectionately called “el Oso Blanco” is beefy, but what turns Gattis into a respectable meal for the Week 2 Hitting Planner is the lineup that surrounds him.

The Houston Astros’ have one game at home against Kansas City, three games at Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners), and finally will get two of the three game set in Oakland against the A’s. This bodes well for the Astros potent lineup since the Kansas City Royals home stadium is third in park factor for runs, and the A’s and Mariners starting rotations are battling some health issues as well as not being great rotations. The Astros should score a lot of runs, and Gattis should be in the thick of things.


First Base

Wil Myers, SD

Wil Myers has a great combination of speed and power just like the worlds greatest late night food: tacos. The emphasis here is Oppo Taco or opposite field home runs. Myers and the Padres play at Colorado (near the top in park factors for runs and homeruns) and then at Atlanta in brand new SunTrust Park.

The key to the perfect taco is the layering of the ingredients. Myers has massive home run upside in Colorado, but his stolen base chances should be limited with the Rockies strong work behind the dish. The second layer is the Padres second series of the week in Atlanta. The Braves don’t have strong armed catchers with the tandem of Kurt Sazuki and Tyler Flowers combining for a -23 rSB which is stolen base runs saved above average. This means Myers could add a couple of steals on top of the home run potential early in the week.


Second Base

Brain Dozier, MIN (at DET, vs. CHW)

The Minnesota Twins play six games next week. The first three are at Detroit (1.138 HR Park Factor) and the last three are at home against the Chicago White Sox. Brain Dozier is packing a lot of spice in his bat as evident by his 40 homeruns in 2016. He’s got a chance to drum up some major power against the Tigers and White Sox.

I guess I eat a lot of food with buffalo sauce because Brian Dozier is my left over hot wings. Bone in or bone out, Dozier has a chance to club a couple of home runs this week, but what’s more encouraging is he’s been more aggressive on the base paths in 2017 with two steals in two games this year after netting 18 steals all of last year.


Third Base/Shortstop

Jose Ramirez/Fransico Lindor, CLE (vs. CHW, vs. DET)

I am lumping these two positions together in my Week 2 hitting planner for three reasons. The first reason is that I opened my fridge and found a half eaten tray of assorted cheesecakes, so since the Indians took a modge podge group of stars, rookies, vets, and nobodies to the World Series, it only seemed fitting to package the two together.

The second being the Indians play all six of their games in Week 2 at home in Progressive Field which in 2016 finished third in park factors for runs per game (1.207). As you can see this advantage applies to both players, so instead of writing the same reason twice, I condensed it. This brings us to the final reason.

Lindor and Ramirez are special hitters. Both switch hitters have a tendency to spray the ball all over the yard which keeps them near the top of the lineup. They are also batting in front (Lindor) and behind (Ramirez) of Michael Brantley and Edwin Encarnacion, so the chances to score and drive in runs should be present for both players all week. All signs point to a good week for the pair.



Mike Trout, LAA (vs, TEX, at KC)

Every fridge needs some leftover pizza in it. With lots of topping and flavor choices, Pizza is good hot or cold. Honestly good or bad, the pizza is probably going to taste alright. Mike Trout is leftover pizza. With a good or bad matchup, Trout has the chance every game to do the spectacular, and barring any unforeseen changes, Trout will stay a must start for me.

David Peralta, ARI (at SF, at LAD)

David Peralta is the pineapple on top of the pizza in the Fantasy Baseball fridge. Some people like him since he crushes right handed pitching with a career wRC+ of 131 against right handed pitching. Some people don’t like pineapple David Peralta because he can’t hit left handed pitching (career wRC+ 67 v. Lefties).

I like pineapple on my pizza and I like Peralta’s chances of having a good week. He has six games. Three at San Francisco and three in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. Yes, there are a lot of really good lefties he could face between those two teams, but he’s going to be batting second in the order behind A.J. Pollock (career 128 wRC+ v. Lefties) and in front of Paul Goldschmidt (career 174 wRC+ v. Lefties).

Peralta realistically could see a lot of at-bats with runners on, and with the dangerous Goldschmidt behind him, both teams should attack Peralta in the zone with a lefty on the mound giving him an opportunity to do some damage.

Curtis Granderson, NYM (at PHI, at MIA)

Every good leftover meal needs something to wash it down with. A glass of milk? Perhaps. Some water? Maybe. A glass of wine is what I chose as it seemed to compliment the arrangement of food in front me. Curtis Granderson is a fine aged wine; however, I’m 23-years-old and not ready to let go of my college lifestyle, so Granderson is a leaky box of Franzia I found in the back of my fridge.

Franzia isn’t a sipping wine, and to be honest, its really a one trick pony. Granderson, like Franzia, does one thing really well even at his age 36 season, and that is crush right handed pitching (career 129 wRC+ v. Righties). It also turns out that the seven games Granderson is set to play (three in Philadelphia and four in Miami), he is only projected to face two left- handed starters (Wei-Yin Chen and Adam Conley).

The Phillies home park is a home run haven and Granderson should be able to take full advantage of it against the righties in the Phillies rotation. However, Miami plays in a true pitchers park, but Granderson has enough speed to nab a few extra base hits off a sub-par Marlins rotation.


Final Thoughts

After closing my fridge, I got to reflect on this process and I have a few conclusions. I need to cook dinner tonight and I don’t like wine. In all honestly, I’ll probably put most of this food back and eat the Hawaiian pizza. Hopefully none of this food goes bad by next week and your team played well enough for you to come back next week where the theme will be…

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