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This week on the podcast … guess what? I had a guest! Friend of the podcast Patrick Wallace came on to help me put one big, red, shiny bow on the trade deadline.

A lot happened at this years trade deadline. With rumors swirling about proposed deals, players crying on the field because they thought they were traded or giving out fake hugs to throw off the media, some of the deals can get lost in the shuffle. I’m glad I had Patrick here to refresh my memory because I almost forgot to bring up the Cole Hamels deal! How the hell did I almost miss that?

We started with the biggest mover and shaker of the trade deadline, the Toronto Blue Jays. We discuss how the two shortstops who were traded for each other, Jose Reyes and Troy Tulowitzki, will hold up the rest of the season and what their prospects look like beyond this year. If only the Blue Jays would just get rid of that astro-turf. Then I wouldn’t have that nagging worry about Tulo’s health. And let’s not forget the David Price deal.

We then dove into what moves the Royals made and whether or not we liked all the prospects they gave up. The one thing we could agree on is that Oakland is probably going to work its voodoo magic on Sean Manaea so his dynasty stock will rise. We discuss the psychological impact Yoenis Cespedes might have on the Mets and how his RBIs should help their pitching staff … like they needed it.

For all you dynasty players out there, we also talked about the Hamels to Texas deal and how it affects the Rangers and more importantly what this means for those blue chip prospects going back to the Phillies.

Now, Patrick is a Braves fan. And he wasn’t too happy about their big deadline deal. See? I told you he wasn’t happy. He didn’t really want to talk too much about the Braves but I had to squeeze in a little segment on if or when we’ll see Hector Olivera in the majors.

All that and more on this week’s Home Run The Jewels Podcast!

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