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After a long 2-plus weeks of no Home Run The Jewels, I am back! I feel like there is probably a song that sums up this moment. Maybe this one? Or maybe some Diddy? Eh, still not perfect. Anyway, I think the moment is lost. On to the actual podcast!

This week we welcomed Dan Domenick back to the show to talk about how to guide your Fantasy team through the second half. But first we obviously have to talk about the seemingly endless string of top prospects coming to the minors. Dan isn’t a huge fan of picking up these guys and I usually have my hesitation, but this year is definitely an outlier. With so many called up, it’s getting hard to find guys still in the minors worth stashing!

With the second half kicking off, some minds might think there’s not a lot of time left in the season. There’s still more than two months of baseball to be played, which is plenty of time for your team to realize its full potential. Dan and I highlight some strategies to pick up talent that wouldn’t gut your team. There’s going to be some managers who give up on good players with bad stats, which is my favorite way to find value. Hoard talent and hope for a rebound. That also works well with Dan’s strategy of trading 2-for-1. If these guys do bounce back, you should be able to flip them for categories you may need more. Maximizing value especially if you have more good players than roster spots.

Once you’ve got the strategies down, who are you going to target? Dan and I give you four guys you should definitely consider. Dan and I are split on one target, but the rest we give our stamp of approval on. Dan does you all one better and even gives you a guy to try and trade away! What a nice analyst. All that and …

Wait! I thought of the song for the moment. The Boys Are Back In Town! I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I didn’t figure that out.

Back to what I was saying, all this and more on this episode of the Home Run The Jewels Podcast!

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