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Some of you may be familiar with Jude Anderson from the Slugging For Jude Fantasy Baseball campaign, but I am pleased to introduce the Rushing for Jude Fantasy Football Leagues. That is right, everyone’s favorite Fantasy sport is nearly upon us and with it is the opportunity to play in a competitive league and help a three-year-old battling Leukemia.

Jude Anderson is one of my best friend’s oldest son. He is three years old and suffered a relapse in January with his leukemia. The cancer cells had appeared in a spinal tap, and he promptly began his second round of treatment in his brief life. The Andersons moved temporarily to Minnesota, Aidan Anderson’s home state, so Jude could undergo a Bone Marrow transplant at the best facility in the nation at Gillete’s on the University of Minnesota’s campus.

Jude is amazingly tough and has been reacting very well to the treatment. With constant treatments, hospital visits, and a younger brother Finn, Aidan and Barb have their hands full. Cancer is expensive, groceries are expensive, and with both parents not being able to work during this period in Minnesota, money is a very useful thing to have.

That is where we can all help AND have fun doing it as well. Joining a Rushing for Jude Fantasy Football league is free, (a donation is recommended, but not required) will help raise awareness, help the Andersons and Jude and give you a competitive league with fantastic prizes. What could be better?

I also realize some of you are in too many leagues already, I understand that completely. Perhaps you could become a league sponsor? It is simple; you ask league mates in your league(s) to chip in some extra money and make a lump donation on your league’s behalf. Simple and helpful and you and your league mates will be helping the cause.

Ok I Am In! How Do I Join?

Joining a league is simple:

1. Visit or email me for an invite

2. Invite Friends, Family and Co-Workers and please share the Leagues and Jude’s story!

3. Wait for an invite from our fantastic site host My Fantasy League and get ready to participate in a draft in the near future!

How Else Can I Help?

Besides donating to Jude and family, you can:

– Sponsor a league

– Donate prizes

– Spread the Word!

If you run a Site/Podcast

– Create a league of Readers/Followers and participate.

– Donate prizes/Subscriptions

– Spread the Word on social media, email or podcasts

– Challenge others

– Sponsor a League

Hope that is enough to compel you all to join! Special, special thanks again to for offering their amazing host site and services to the cause. It will make these leagues all the more special!

Let’s get ready for some football and kick cancer’s ass at the same time!

If you feel like simply making a donation in the name of Fantasy, hat is fine too. Follow this link to make a donation today!

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Chris Meyers

Chris is an avid sports fan especially football, baseball and hockey. He created the Slugging For Jude Fantasy Baseball Leagues in 2015 to tie Fantasy Sports and fundraising together.
He is a die-hard Minnesota sports fan, and equally as extreme when it comes to Fantasy Sports. When Chris isn't participating in Fantasy Sports, he is writing about them at, and He also enjoys reading, spending time with his family and music -- but is commonly known as a music snob. He has a degree in Child Development, but is not working in the field, but in Supply Chain currently.
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