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The Green Bay Packers are famous for not making any major moves in free agency. Ted Thompson hasn’t made an unrestricted free agency move since I was a teenager, so seeing the news about Martellus Bennett was probably quite surprising for the state of Wisconsin.

When Jared Cook left Green Bay this offseason, a void was left in the high-powered Packers offense. However, with the signing of Bennett, Aaron Rodgers has actually found himself with an improvement at the position.

Bennett represents a major upgrade for the green and gold. Bennett is a great pass catcher with reliable hands. He is able to make big plays, and is a huge red zone target. The running game should see some help too. In addition to being a solid receiving option, he is a decent blocker as well.

Even better for Green Bay, Bennett’s contract ended up cheaper per year than what Cook was asking for. In terms of pure value and cost, Green Bay really came out ahead in this deal.

All of this being said, how will this affect the Fantasy outlook for Bennett in the upcoming season? Let’s get into it.

Martellus Bennett Joins the Green Bay Packers

Is Martellus Bennett a worthwhile addition to your Fantasy team?



In one word, absolutely! Bennett proved he is able to be a consistent threat with almost anyone under center. He performed quite well backing up, and in place of the oft-injured Rob Gronkowski last year. Even as a backup, Bennett was garnering starter quality looks in most every format of Fantasy Football. Now as a starter in the Packer’s already fear-inducing offense, I see Martellus as a potential Top 5 at his position.

Both the Patriots and Packers are known to have offenses that can provide quality Fantasy options, so Bennett’s transition from one to the other is going to be seamless from what I see. The only difference is that Bennett is now a focal point and starter at his position, rather than the backup.

Two things jump out as potential negatives, though I don’t see either being too big of an issue. First, Aaron Rodgers loves to spread the ball around, and Bennett might not be very consistent between the 20s. He will almost certainly offset this with his dominating presence in the redzone. Second, Bennett does have a little bit of a history of having some character issues. Recent history says this has been resolved, and so long as he and Rodgers maintain a positive relationship on the field, this will not affect your team.


When to Draft and What to Expect

Per, Bennett is looking at an ADP of late in the 11th round. I’d consider Martellus Bennett to be a fantastic value, however it is almost impossible for his stock to stay where it is. Barring injury, Bennett can be likely considered an elite talent at his position. He is simply too talented, and in too good of an offense for this ADP to stay true. Without any other major changes, I see Bennett having a season of 800 yards, 65 receptions, and 10 touchdowns.


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