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Single-RB Theory Single-RB Theory

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

The Single-RB Theory: A Product Of The Stud Running Back Revival

Somewhere during the past couple of years, there was a line drawn in the sand between Zero-RB Theorists and people staunchly against...

Wishbone Strategy

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Introducing The Wishbone Strategy; What Zero WR Theory Is Really About

You might think the Wishbone Strategy sounds a lot like Zero WR Theory. Surprise! You’re right. The Wishbone Strategy is essentially the...

Value-Based Drafting

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Value-Based Drafting: How to Maximize the Value Available With Each Pick

Value-Based Drafting is becoming more and more common as Fantasy Football analytics become more mainstream. Personally, this is the ONLY way to...

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