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One of the most anticipated trades has finally transpired. Cole Hamels has been traded!

There was no secret Cole Hamels was going to be traded, but the inevitable trade took what seemed like an eternity.

What heated up over baseball’s hot stove season, with many rumored suitors continued on before finally being consummated two days prior to the trade deadline. It was deemed the trade that the Phillies could not lose and lose they did not.

The Phillies farm system desperately needed a replenishment of talent and this trade successfully achieved that goal. Even Ruben Amaro Jr.’s harshest critics have to be pleased at the package of players Philadelphia obtain from Texas.

This is a fascinating trade on many levels and now let’s examine the eight players involved in this blockbuster deal.


2015 and 2016 Fantasy Implications for Hamels

The jet stream has been altered at Globe Life Park, but pitching in Texas remains no easy task. Cole Hamels is no stranger to pitching his home games in a hitter friendly park; Citizens Bank Ballpark was known as band box. The conversion to the American League could have an adverse affect on Hamels game initially, but I believe in his talent and assume I’ll be buying a discounted ace in 2016.


Cole Hamels, SP, Texas Rangers

2015 Statistics

  • 20 GS
  • 128.2 IP
  • 6-7
  • 3.64 ERA
  • 3.21 FIP
  • 3.16 xFIP
  • 25.5 K%
  • 18.3 K-BB%
  • 48.4 GB%
  • 11.2 HR/FB%

*Hamels ended his Phillies career in spectacular fashion versus the Cubs at Wrigley Field on July 25, pitching a  no-hitter.

Career Statistics

  • 294 GS
  • 1930.0 IP
  • 114-90
  • 3.30 ERA
  • 3.47 FIP
  • 3.36 xFIP
  • 23.4 K%
  • 17.2 K-BB%
  • 43.9 GB%
  • 11.0 HR/FB%

Jake Diekman, RP, Texas Rangers

2015 Statistics

  • 41 G
  • 36.2 IP
  • 2-1
  • 0 SV
  • 5.15 ERA
  • 3.59 FIP
  • 3.60 xFIP
  • 12.03 K/9
  • 5.89 K-BB%
  • 54.5 GB%
  • 10.7 HR/FB%

Career Statistics

  • 191 G
  • 173.1 IP
  • 9-11
  • 0 SV
  • 3.84 ERA
  • 2.96 FIP
  • 3.60 xFIP
  • 11.68 K%
  • 4.93 K-BB%
  • 49.0 GB%
  • 7.8 HR/FB%

This trade sets up the Rangers rotation for 2016 and beyond. There are still question marks due to injuries, but in acquiring Cole Hamels the Rangers have constructed a one-two punch of aces in Darvish and Hamels atop their rotation and possibly a formidable foursome with Derek Holland and Martin Perez rounding it out.

Also included in the trade and not to be forgotten is Jake Diekman, a lefty reliever who brings the heat, but has been consistently inconsistent with his control.


Let’s take a quick look at the players that the Rangers gave up to acquire Cole Hamels.

Matt Harrison, SP, Philadelphia Phillies

  • Once upon time, Harrison was a successful starting pitcher but he has been often injured over the past three seasons and was placed in the deal to offset some of the money.

Jake Thompson, SP, Philadelphia Phillies

  • Jake is the prize pitching prospect in the deal and entered the season as the No. 2 prospect in the Rangers organization according to Baseball America’s 2015 Prospect Handbook. Thompson was acquired from the Detroit Tigers last July in the Joakim Soria trade.

Jorge Alfaro, C, Philadelphia Phillies 

  • All I knew of this prospect prior to the 2015 season was that he possessed raw power and had a canon of an arm. I drafted Alfaro in the late rounds of most of my NFBC Draft Champion Leagues in hopes of a second half call-up, but unfortunately he suffered a season ending ankle injury. Jorge will replace the beloved Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz behind the plate and should preform well offensively playing at the Bank. Alfaro entered the 2015 season as the Rangers No. 3 prospect according to Baseball America.

Nick Williams, OF, Philadelphia Phillies

  • I actually saw this prospect first hand this past November at the Arizona Fall League. Nick is undoubtedly an athlete, if you see him up close there is no mistaking that. He is considered a toolsy player but clearly lacked discipline at the AFL with his 32-1 strikeout to walk ratio. That said, Williams made tremendous strides this season at Double-A and should be a staple in the Phillies Outfield for years to come. He entered the season as the Rangers No. 5 prospect according to Baseball America.

Alec Asher, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies

  • Asher entered the season as the N0. 13 prospect in the Rangers system, according to Baseball America.

Jerard Eickhoff, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies

  • Eickhoff did not make the Rangers Top 30 prospect list entering the season according to Baseball America and like Ashner, Eickhoff is a possible back of the rotation arm that offers low upside.


The Rangers gave up a lot in return for Cole Hamels. Who do you think made out in this deal?

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