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It’s a great time to join a Fantasy Sports League at A leader in the industry where sports fans meet to compete for real money cash awards and prizes in pro and college sports fantasy leagues.

Sign up today and with your first deposit earn a 110% bonus and immediately qualify for Daily Freerolls that pay real cash that is deposited immediately in your account when you win.

There are several different league types to join and play fantasy sports for real money online. Visit the players lobby and look at all of the choices. Pick a sport you would like to play then hit the filter button to display all of the upcoming contests with a countdown clock. Look for the “G” in a green box. That means a Guarantee game. The cash prize will be awarded no matter how many people have entered into the league. It is the most popular of all at Also entertaining are the head to head games where individuals set up to go one on one with a member with the winner scooping the entire cash in the pot. The 50/50 games will allow participants to double their money entered should they finish in the top half of the tournament.

Funding an account is easy. Pay Pal is the money service choice so depositing and withdrawing funds in and out of member’s account is fast and safe. As soon as the winners are announced for a league the monies earned are immediately transferred into the winning account holder.

Once a member deposits and signs up for their real money league it’s time to pick out a roster of players. Each player is assigned a dollar amount. The games at utilize a salary cap structure so members must stay under it when they draft athletes for their fantasy team. Most games will have a $50,000 salary cap attached to it but always be sure you read the rules thoroughly for each league you opt into. Pick nine players from a minimum of nine teams. Check the table of contents section on the site for individual sports scoring rules. To win members have to accumulate the most points from their nine player roster picks. Each sport has a unique set of scoring that is relevant to them. An example of his would be the NFL where points are assigned on offense as well as defense. There are many criteria’s for gathering points. Be sure to study the scoring rules very thoroughly on the site.


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