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2016 Custom Fantasy Football Draft Boards



2016 Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Features Of Our 2016 Custom Fantasy Football Draft Boards?

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  • 48-inch wide by 36-inch tall Draft Board printed on 24-lb. paper
  • Upgrade to 16-, 18-, and 20-team Draft Boards for larger leagues
  • Over 400 color-coded player labels, making it easy to monitor position scarcity
  • Fast shipping! Standard rate will get to you in 3 to 4 days with rush options available
  • Shipped in cardboard tubes, which means no ugly creases and makes taping to a wall a breeze
  • Bye weeks for every NFL team
  • Send us your league name and pictures of your draft and SCFE will tweet them out and if they’re good enough, we’ll even feature them on the site


*For full details, please see the product description at the bottom of the page.

– Order your 2016 Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board today and let the drafting begin!

Draft Board Pricing and Shipping Options


Our customized 2016 Fantasy Football Draft Board kits gives you everything you need to host a great Fantasy Draft party! (Chips, dip and craft beers not included.)

There’s nothing better than Draft Day in Fantasy Football – outside of “Winning Your Championship Day,” which is also pretty cool.

And if you have a live draft, with owners getting together in-person to fill out their teams, then you need a 2016 Fantasy Football draft board!

Why not get your draft board customized with your league’s name printed across the top!?! It’s up to you as to how much you want to customize your 2016 Fantasy Football draft boards. First, we’ll give you the details on each kit!

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What Comes With the Customizable 2016 Fantasy Football Draft Board?

Each standard draft board goes 20 rounds deep with space for up to 14 teams. It measures 48-inches wide by 36-inches tall, allowing your owners clear visibility from everywhere in the room. We print them out on 24-lb. paper, which is pretty heavy duty, with a nice coating. We even include a black marker to write in special picks or notes.

For larger leagues, we offer the option to upgrade to a wider Draft Board. We currently offer a 16, 18, and 20-team Draft Boards for immediate purchase (upgrade fees apply). If you need more than 20 teams or 20 rounds in your draft, like for a large IDP draft, then contact us for special pricing.

Font Options For Your Fantasy Football League’s Name

We understand that every league is different. Some leagues are full of family members and friends, some leagues are stocked with trash-talking draft gurus and some leagues have a mix of both.

basic-font-sampleThis is your standard font, for your standard league. Too many decisions making your life hard? This option’s for you!

Fantasy Football Draft Board kits with Old School font.College Football fans love this one – as do people that love block outlined capital letters, like the ones used for college names and many uniforms. This font helps us harken back to a simpler time, when all we had to worry about was sports, cheerleaders and cheating on our exams.

team-spirit-font-sampleWe like this font, yes we do – we like this font, how ‘bout you!?! The “Team Spirit” font is our most popular font, as it looks like the league name scrawled across the front of a jersey. It’s fun, it’s stylish, it makes all other fonts jealous of its snazziness! We recommend this font for those leagues that often discuss playoff tiebreakers like a 40-yard dash, or leagues that force their Toilet Bowl champion to run naked through the quads!

Colorful Player Stickers for Each Position

You’ll also get 420 colorful stickers for all of the players (including the top offensive rookies) you’ll be drafting, measuring 2.75″ x 1”, listed alphabetically for easy finding. Each position comes in its own sticker color, allowing for quick scans during the draft for position scarcity.

  • Top 60 Quarterbacks
  • Top 90 Running Backs
  • Top 120 Wide Receivers
  • Top 60 Tight Ends
  • Top 30 Kickers
  • Top 30 Defenses
  • 30 Blank Stickers


More Great Features of Our 2016 Customized Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Here are a few other reasons why you’ll want to purchase our Fantasy Football draft boards:

Fast Shipping – We’ll be shipping out your draft boards the same week you order them – and normal shipping will take three to four days to get to you. We’ll also have some emergency options if you forgot to order until the very last second! You’ll have to pay a premium for next-day shipping, but it’s definitely doable.

Shipped In Cardboard Tubes – With most draft boards, they come folded up, which always turns into a mess when you try to tape it up to the wall. All of the creases fight you every second of the way. With ours, the draft boards come to you rolled up into a cardboard tube, which makes for a great way to store all of your draft boards for future seasons, too.

Bye Weeks – We have a grid posted in the top right of every draft board – right next to your customized league name and motto – with the NFL teams listed alongside their bye weeks.

Get Some League Love on! – We’ll give a shout out to the best Fantasy Football league names we come across on our site! Also, tweet us a picture of your leaguemates and the completed draft board, and we’ll retweet it and put you in a drawing to get a free draft board in 2017!

Pricing and Shipping on Different Options

All draft boards come with player stickers and a marker in a cardboard tube.
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  • Basic Draft Board, with no customizations: $30
  • Customized 14-team Draft Board: $40
  • Customized 16-team 54″ wide Draft Board: $45
  • Customized 18-team 62″ wide Draft Board: $50
  • Customized 18-team 66″ wide Draft Board: $55

Add team stickers to any of the Draft Boards for $5

*Shipping is a flat rate of $9.95 per draft board to the United States and $19.99 to Canada.

Order your customized 2016 Fantasy Football draft board kit today and let the drafting begin!

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 4.0 x 4.0 x 36.0 in


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