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An early mock draft is a great tool to begin your research. It can help set your baseline for each player’s value as you move forward.

Some people (and I used to be one) like to avoid all drafts/rankings before formulating an opinion. This is an effort to avoid “group thought” and going with the majority.

While there is something to that in regards to rankings, I think an early mock draft gives a different set of data. Since it is 12 different individuals drafting, you get 12 different opinions. This is as opposed to the rankings of one single person in which, yes your opinion could get skewed.

Average Draft Position is one of the most vital pieces of data to use. An early mock draft like this helps set information. You can really see the different ranges in which a player could be taken. As you will see with this early mock draft, there is a certain player that will undoubtedly have a much lower ADP. However the owner who wanted to draft him knew he would not be there with his next pick so he had to pull the trigger.

We will have many mock drafts before the real drafts begin in mid-to-late August. This early mock draft is just the start of the fun!

SCFE Early Mock Draft

For this early mock draft we did a 0.5 PPR set-up

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Round 1

No surprises at the top, but a lot of questions after

RD Pick Overall Drafter Pick Pos. Team
1 1 Cody Kitch David Johnson RB Cardinals
2 2 Joe Bond LeVeon Bell RB Steelers
3 3 David Gonos Ezekiel Elliott RB Cowboys
4 4 Scott Guthrie Antonio Brown WR Steelers
5 5 John LaPresto Odell Beckham WR Giants
6 6 Dennis Sosic Julio Jones WR Falcons
7 7 Mark Strausberg Mike Evans WR Buccaneers
8 8 Jack Delaney Devonta Freeman RB Falcons
9 9 Zach Rohde A.J. Green WR Bengals
10 10 Joshua Morgan Jordan Howard RB Bears
11 11 Michael Tomlin Jordy Nelson WR Packers
12 12 Levi Serfoss Michael Thomas WR Saints


  • Not many surprises at the top of the draft. I would imagine that the first four will remain mostly the same in some order, as well as the next three players. I am sure these first seven guys will be discussed at length enough as the pre-season moves forward.
  • I have a feeling that each draft will really begin at Pick 8. I could see as many as 13 different players going in the eighth spot if the Top 7 play out in this fashion.
  • Jack Delaney and I have a very similar mindset this season, and something that I will dub the “Single-RB Theory.” I will have a further, in-depth look at this new strategy later. As Jack said though, “My plan was to draft one quality back (Devonta Freeman) in Round 1, and then roll the dice on potential starters and backups other players were overlooking.”
  • I went with Jordy Nelson, and was not exactly happy with it. I just figured one of the two backs I wanted would be there after the turn.
  • Mark was happy with Evans sitting there at pick 7: “However, with the “big three” RBs off the board, I got myself an anchor in Mike Evans who I’ve seen sometimes going in the top five picks.”
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Round 1

No surprises at the top, but a lot of questions after

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