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SCFE Fantasy Baseball Podcast 1.07: Movers and Shakers

On this week’s episode of the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Podcast Fantasy Baseball Podcast Joe Bond and I tackle the tough questions.

Bond joins us from, where they also post Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football articles.

The anxiety inducing questions bound to give you sleepless nights that spring up in the early part of a Fantasy Baseball season.

The key theme of tonight’s episode?

Patience! Small sample sizes are deceiving.

Wait For It … Waaaaaaait For It …

You can take my word for it on this stuff.

I really did ask for that.

We enter the dark and mysterious world of injured players and what to do with them. Stash them? Drop them? Hoard them?

What about the scorching hot starts of players like Mark Canha? Do you pick up these early season streakers or wait them out? Do you jump in to the FA pool early and often?

These moves can make a big difference on your season. You don’t want to be the guy who drops a star because of a hot start but you also don’t want to miss out on some breakout players.

What we do early in the season echoes in eternity — or just for the rest of the year.

We discuss the Kevin Gausman situation and pick our most surprising early season pitchers.

While we had a lot to talk about, we’d love for some of you readers and listeners to call in and ask questions live! You can be part of the podcast too. The number is (646)-716-7926, so be on the lookout for our podcast next week and have your questions ready!

Call us next week and be part of the show!

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