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SquadQL Fantasy App: Knowledge Is Power

As John McClane might say, the Fantasy Baseball season is like Double Jeopardy; where the scores can really change. Matchups and schedules need to be analyzed when setting lineups, the waiver wire needs to be monitored, and you need to stay current on the status of your players. SquadQL provides this information during the course of the season.

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We’ve all seen pre-season draft simulator and draft assistant apps. These can be invaluable tools in setting the foundation for your Fantasy Baseball season. But what about when the season starts? Let’s face it; nobody drafts a perfect team. Players get injured or fail to live up to expectations. This is where the free SquadQL Fantasy app comes in.

If you think you can just sit back and solely rely on your draft, you’re either a certified genius or an authentic wacko. Thank you Dr. Stantz. Ghostbusters (original) reference everybody! During the season, you need good information to set lineups and make waiver wire moves. But where can you find an app like that? I present SquadQL Fantasy app for your consideration.

At its core, SquadQL is a lineup optimizer. You’ve probably seen lineup optimization apps for DFS. SquadQL brings the same technology to season-long Fantasy Baseball. SquadQL was developed by the team at RotoQL, which provides lineup optimization and research tools for DFS. They know how to do this.

As John McClane might say, the Fantasy Baseball season is like Double Jeopardy; where the scores can really change. Matchups and schedules need to be analyzed when setting lineups, the waiver wire needs to be monitored, and you need to stay current on the status of your players. THe SquadQL Fantasy app provides this information during the course of the season.

While no app or website can ever substitute your own research and judgment, SquadQL can give you an advantage with the information and resources it provides. Like Eddie Harris in Major League, in Fantasy Baseball you look for every advantage you can find. With SquadQL, however, you won’t need to put snot on the ball.

The Fantasy Baseball season is a long haul. SquadQL provides tools you can use along the way to make vital roster decisions. These are the tools that can build championship-winning rosters. Sounds pretty good for a free app. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it works:

How the SquadQL Fantasy App Works

Once you download the app, it can be synced with ESPN, CBS, and Yahoo accounts. The app will import your roster and individual league settings. You can import multiple teams with different roster configurations and scoring formats. The process is simple and self-explanatory; just make sure you have your user ID and password handy. After your teams are imported, you can access the features for each of your teams.

What SquadQL Can Do For You

Lineup Optimization


This is SquadQL’s bread and butter. Using the “Lineup” tab at the bottom of the screen, SquadQL shows your roster and projects player performance based on multiple factors. Those projections are translated into QLs for scoring purposes. What is a QL? I’ll let SquadQL explain:

QLs, or QL Score, is a generated player score that takes into account your league’s scoring system. It is not a cumulative stat like fantasy points but calculated for the period you are viewing in the app. QLs is simply used as a guide for player comparison.

Everybody got that? What this is means is that SquadQL can be used whether you’re in a weekly or daily format, and no matter the scoring system being used. The higher QLs a player has; the better they are projected relative to other players. SquadQL identifies the best players for your lineup in a given scoring period. You can also use it for future days or weeks.

All you need to do is hit “Optimize Lineup” on the screen, and SquadQL will recommend any roster moves for that day or week based on its projections. You can also make lineup changes in the app, and those changes will be synced to your team. This means you don’t have to switch between apps or switch to a web browser to make your moves.

Waiver Wire Assistance

Working the waiver wire is key to Fantasy Baseball success. Whether it’s an injury move, replacing an underperforming player, or grabbing a newly promoted prospect; Fantasy Baseball owners ignore the waiver wire at their peril.

With the “Rankings” tab at the bottom of the screen, SquadQL provides you with available players in your league. It includes both overall and positional listings. Available players are also ranked for the rest of the season according to SquadQL’s projections. Being able to see in-season rankings instead of just searching by stats or ownership percentage is a nice feature.

Personalized News

The “News” tab at the bottom of the screen provides any updates for players on your roster. The news is current and continuously updated, and you can also search for news on all players. This type of information is especially handy for daily leagues when you’re trying to finalize your roster before games begin.

How To Get SquadQL

SquadQL is available as a free download for Apple devices in the App Store and for Android on Google Play. Did I mention it’s free? To borrow from John Belushi’s Bluto in Animal House: “Grab a brew. Don’t cost nothin’.” In addition to the current features, more are on the way. I’ve used the app myself; and it’s already given me helpful information.

In the quest for Fantasy Baseball fortune and glory, everyone is looking for an edge. In Fantasy Baseball, as in life, knowledge is power. As we know from the profound wisdom of G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle. A quality knowledge source can give you that edge when making your roster decisions. SquadQL gives you personalized in-season knowledge for your teams and your leagues. Combined with your own research and analysis, it gives you insight into making crucial moves that determine your Fantasy Baseball fate.

If you’re after that Fantasy Baseball championship, you should take advantage of every available resource. The SquadQL Fantasy app is a free resource that you can use all season long, and it provides multiple features in a single easy-to-navigate app. SquadQL provides the best options on your roster, as well as top waiver wire targets. These are the decisions that win titles.

Give SquadQL a try. It could be that edge you’re looking for.

David Rubin

Dave started playing fantasy sports during the dark ages of pen and paper. He is also an avid reader and watcher of sci fi, fantasy, horror, and other escapist pursuits. He cannot be found on social media, and he is proud of that.

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