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Transitioning from Fantasy Football to Fantasy Baseball: 2015 Fantasy Baseball Resources

The Internet is filled with advice on Fantasy Sports, but how do you find the websites and resources that can help you win a Fantasy Baseball Championship?

If you missed my first article in this series, check it out: “Transitioning from Fantasy Football to Fantasy Baseball: The Big Switch.”

I’m a Fantasy Football website owner and an author of e-books on how to play and win in Daily Fantasy Football, and I’m transitioning into becoming a Fantasy Baseball player.

With my main experience pertaining to Fantasy Football, I need to find the best Fantasy Baseball resources, and prevent myself from becoming the “Taco” of my leagues.

Is Mike Piazza worth a first-round pick this year?

Key Fantasy Baseball Resources

I am starting my journey with a few key Fantasy Baseball resources.

Fantasy Baseball Websites

TacoI love the fact that RotoWorld shows players that are trending and highly searched on its website. This will help me get started, as I will know the players that baseball fans and Fantasy Baseball players want more information on.

Recently, Max Scherzer was one of the highest-searched players on the site, and he will be a hot commodity in drafts as a new signee with the Washington Nationals. Knowing how highly searched Scherzer was, I can make note of where he is going in mock and expert drafts, and know when I will have to pull the trigger if I want the 30-year old starter on my roster.

David Gonos wrote a piece earlier this month about “Deconstructing Fantasy Player Updates,” which should help you understand the industry a little better.

At least for me, one of the most intimidating aspects of Fantasy Baseball is the amount of players you have to keep track of. With DraftHelp, you can see the projected batting orders, bench players and the projected starting pitchers for every team.

Fantasy Baseball Videos

If you are into Fantasy Football, you will be very familiar with a lot of these concepts that Sports Talk Network TV presents. From going against the grain, to waiting to draft certain positions, Fantasy Football players will be much more comfortable with Fantasy Baseball after watching this video.

Fantasy Baseball Audio

As far as talent goes, SiriusXM has a lockdown on the talent within the Fantasy Sports industry. They say the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in a culture, and the same idea applies when you are trying to learn more about Fantasy Baseball.

From recaps of expert mock drafts to projections and draft strategies, you can listen to hours of great content on your phone, tablet or computer for a very minimal investment.

Fantasy Baseball Social Media Accounts

Luckily, one of the creators of “So-Called Fantasy Experts,” David Gonos, did the legwork on this one. The list was posted in 2013, but it’s still a great resource to find some of the best Fantasy Baseball minds to follow.

Check out “99 Fantasy Baseball Accounts You Should Follow.”

After reviewing these Fantasy Baseball resources, this game should become much less intimidating for Fantasy Football players.

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Jack's love of craft beer and gangster rap is only surpassed by his love of pass-catching running backs. He was a top-40 finisher and $1,500 prize winner for the 2014 RotoBowl, a top-50 finisher in the 2015 Mock Draft Online Championships, finished first in draft accuracy for quarterback rankings in 2015 on Fantasy Pros, and was a contributor to the 2015 and 2016 The Fantasy Football Guide.
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