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Welcome to the Week 22 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets article. Following St. Patty’s Day, we will look at a few players who could bring your team some late-season luck.

It’s rare that you see too many stud options crop up on waivers later in the season, barring any kind of injury or signing. However, when they do, picking them up could be the boost to push your team all the way through playoffs.

While some teams who have a strong enough hold on their seed might rest some players, there are many tight races between projected playoff teams in both conferences. Even so, look for some veterans to rest on certain nights to preserve legs for more important games down the road.

This is the last article for the regular season, though some leagues can differ on schedules. Your targets probably won’t change if you make playoffs, but your strategy in terms of longevity and holding on to players might.

As always, all the targets on this list are owned in less than (or equal to) 50% of leagues. They likely won’t stay that available long, so look closely at your team and jump on them if you can.

Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets

Lou Williams, PG/SG, Los Angeles Lakers (50 Percent Owned)

Lou Williams might have barely squeaked into this list due to fantasy owners dropping him while injured. It could also have to do with Deangelo Russell stealing his starting job, which certainly doesn’t help his value. But, Lou Williams has made a career scoring off the bench, and he seems prepped to do that same job for the rest of the season.

In the two games he has played since returning from injury, Williams has scored 15 and 17 points. He’s not known for dishing too many assists, but is still averaging 3.5 over those same two games. He is a solid bet for consistent scoring on a nightly basis, and as long as he is playing he should able to contribute in a few important categories.  He’s barely eligible for this article, so he might not be on the waiver wire for long.

Josh Richardson, SG, Miami Heat (10 Percent)

There is a wealth of high-scoring, distance shooting guards in the league, so to make one valuable enough to grab off the waiver wire, they have to fill some other stats and show nice consistency. The minutes are ticking up for Josh Richardson, and he has been consistently scoring during his rise. Throw in his defensive numbers and a few assists and rebounds, and Richardson should be able to bring some value to your team.

Richardson has seen his minutes rise for a long stretch, but he has really come on in his last five games. During that time, he is averaging close to 16 points per game, while registering around three three-pointers. In fact, Richardson has been shooting over 71% from deep over the last five games, which is an extremely hot hand. Considering he is also snagging 1.4 steals and just under one block as well, he is worth a look while he rides out this great form.

Michael Beasley, SF, Houston Rockets (19.4 Percent)

Don’t let the hilarious failed dunk attempt fool you, Michael Beasley is doing a fine job returning to the NBA. Maybe his time in China did some good for his career, because the numbers have been very solid in his last few games. What’s even more interesting are his minutes, which aren’t very high. Maybe those will go up over time as he continues to perform well, and even land him a starting role.

In his last five games, Beasley is averaging 14.6 points on barely over 20 minutes per game. He’s also grabbing almost seven rebounds in that limited time. Imagine if those numbers were stretched out across 30 minutes per night, Beasley would be a fantasy star. With not much standing in his way from claiming the power forward spot, Beasley could be in for a fantasy playoff explosion.

Channing Frye, PF, Cleveland Cavaliers (6.1 Percent)

Cleveland turned into a nice landing spot for Channing Frye, and the big man with range is fitting the Cavalier’s mini-rebuild perfectly. It can be tough for players on a team as stacked as Cleveland to find their shots. Even so, Frye has come in and played the role of power forwards with three-point shooting ability perfectly, and that has led to him contributing well.

Frye is notching over 14 points over his last five games. The majority of those points are coming off three pointers. He’s averaging over three shots from deep per game, and shooting over 60% over his last five games. He doesn’t boast much in the other categories, but a big man with shooting stats that prolific are hard to come by.  Take him seriously when checking out available waiver wire players.

Bismack Biyombo, C, Toronto Raptors (30.6 Percent)

Bismack Biyombo should already be owned in most deeper leagues, because even while averaging around 20 minutes off the bench, he can really help the rebounding category. When he sees starter minutes, he becomes a fantasy rebounding Goliath, especially after breaking the Raptor’s franchise record in rebounds. Jonas Valanciunas is sidelined with a hand injury, and that means Biyombo can help any team needing rebounds.

In Biyombo’s last three games, he is averaging a little over ten points. That’s just enough to hopefully not hurt your scoring categories, because the main show is the rebounds. In that same time, Biyombo is averaging 16 rebounds per game. While he’s averaging two rebounds for those three games, the game right before he registered six. Those are explosive stats that can tip a few categories for the playoffs.

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