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The Fantasy season is still less than a month old, but oh my, have things changed! Our Week 4 Fantasy Football rankings will prove that out, we believe.

It’s not that insane, when you think about it, but it really can be disconcerting considering how much time you spent on your draft prep research this summer.

There are a handful of great surprises suddenly rising to the top, like Melvin Gordon and Latavius Murray among the running backs. But for every one of them, there’s an injured Adrian Peterson or a quiet Todd Gurley.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, Ezekiel Elliott is walking that fine line, making us all ready to curse him out any week now. The first two weeks, he scored a touchdown in each game, keeping us from being furious at his 3.3 yards per carry. But in Week 3, he got 30 carries for 140 yards in a game where Dez Bryant was injured. One of these days, he’s going to post a 52-yard effort, with no touchdowns, and then follow that up with something similar, and then we’ll all jump off a ledge.

But for now, we’re entering the fourth weekend of Fantasy Football, which is important for three reasons!

  1. First week with byes: Green Bay and Philadelphia take a seat.
  2. First week with Le’Veon Bell off suspension.
  3. Last week without Tom Brady and Josh Gordon.

Each entry above means something different to our rankings. The bye weeks takes a few players out of each position, with wide receiver likely getting hit the hardest as Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and Jordan Matthews get a day off. The second swaps out a stellar Fantasy RB (DeAngelo Wiliams) with another stellar back (Bell). And finally, the last could mean the last time we have to deal with names like Jimmy Garopplo, Jacoby Brissett or Terrelle Pryor.

SCFE’s Staff Week 4 Fantasy Football Rankings

The “So-Called Fantasy Experts” have shared their Week 4 Fantasy Football Rankings with you, now it’s up to you to go out there and dominate!

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