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Even though in Week 4 we did not have a lot of high scores winning matchups in Fantasy leagues, it does not mean we did not have scoring in the NFL, it just came from some unsuspecting places.

This is proven by the overall low defensive point totals from this past week, where saw only six defenses finish with double digit point totals. The lowest total of the season so far.

Enough about the past we need to focus on Week 5 and with that I want to make sure I mention the Houston Texans. I think they could be a sneaky good play this week against the Colts, but only if Andrew Luck does not play.

I currently have them ranked 12th for the week, same as our staff average, but if I hear before the game Thursday that Luck can’t play, I will immediately raise them up a few spots.

Just look at how well the Jaguars played against the Colts this past week when Andrew Luck did not play. There is little reason to think that the Texans can’t replicate that success, despite the struggles this defense has had this year.

Defense Rankings Reaction

There are four teams on bye this week and out of those there are two of the more reliable defenses. That means that owners will have to pick some defenses up off the waiver wire. Hopefully the two defenses I like more are available for you to pick up.

Teams I Like More

New York Giants

The Giants have been a much better defense that we thought they would be at the beginning of the season, ranking the 13th best defense overall. This is especially true after Jason Pierre-Paul was ruled out for much, if not all, of the season. If it weren’t for a horrible Week 2 when they scored negative one points against the Falcons then they would be in the top 10.

Of course we all now know just how good the Falcons really are so when you look, back negative one is not so bad now.

This week the Giants get quite a gift, facing the 49ers, who have allowed the most points to opposing defenses on average this season. Thanks to Colin Kaepernick playing as awful as ever, I don’t see things changing this week.

New England Patriots

This may be going out on a limb, but I really think the Pats are in for a rather big game this week.

Not only are they coming off a bye week and refreshed, they are facing a Cowboys team that keeps suffering more and more losses on offense. We of course know about the two big ones, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, but you can’t ignore Lance Dunbar who was a huge linchpin in that offense.

Ever since the loss of Romo, defenses have not done so great against them, but we were talking about the Falcons and Saints, scoring just three points apiece. However the Patriots have proven they are a bit better of a defense than either of those two, scoring 13 and seven points in two of their matchups this season.

Overall though this one is more on the fact that the Cowboys will be rolling out Brandon Weeden instead of Tony Romo and he won’t have two of his better weapons around him in Dez and Dunbar. A limited offense usually results in good defense performances for the other team.

Teams I Like Less

Washington Redskins

I don’t think a lot of people were planning on streaming them this week against the Falcons, but I was surprised to see them ranked in anyone’s top 20 in the staff rankings.

I realize the Redskins have been a much better defense than advertised, but they have done this against some not so great offenses this season too.

That changes on Sunday when they face the Falcons, arguably the best offense in the NFL this season. I think the ‘Skins have the run defense to be able to limit Devonta Freeman from having a banner day again. But without their best pass coverage corner, DeAngelo Hall, they will have a hard time stopping Julio Jones and Matt Ryan all day. Just look how easy it was for Bradford to pass over top of this defense in the second half of last week’s game.

St. Louis Rams

The Rams are facing in my opinion the best quarterback in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers and that is never a good thing for defenses, just ask Seattle.

The Packers have allowed a total of zero points this season against opposing Fantasy defenses and I doubt that changes much this week.

This is especially true since the game is at Lambeau Field, where Aaron Rodgers is on a ridiculous streak of throwing 48 touchdowns without throwing an interception. That might mean he is due, but I would not want to take my chances against him if I could help it.

It is tough when your usually reliable defense is on bye, but I promise there are good options out there for you. All you have to look. Good luck in Week 5 and come back next week for more defense help.


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