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Last week my Weekly Value Based Drafting strategy was a feast or famine way to go about daily Fantasy Football.

My top pick, Michael Vick, struggled somewhat. However another one of my quarterback suggestions was solid in Phillip Rivers.

Jamaal Charles’ injury hurt his value, but if you went with Devonta Freeman and Dion Lewis you had the 2nd and 9th highest scoring backs at very inexpensive costs.

My receivers were even stronger as I gave you Allen Robinson as a top pick and he led all players at the position in scoring. Julian Edelman and Julio Jones turned in solid weeks as well to give a very profitable overall team.

This week I’m heading back to the well for at least one more time. Again, all of these values are geared towards the Fan Duel values and the Value Factor (VF) is a quantity of the player’s projected points against his cost.

Week 6 Daily Fantasy Football: Value Based Drafting Targets

Value of the Week: Devonta Freeman, VF : 3.75

Freeman has been the best running back in Fantasy Football for the first third of the season and he has done most of his damage in just the last three weeks. He is still severely under-valued at just $8000 and I have him projected to easily clear the 20-point barrier again.

QB Values

Matthew Stafford, VF : 3.83

Andrew Luck, VF : 4.13

Blake Bortles, VF : 4.14

Stafford has started to get almost under-rated himself after playing two of the best defenses in the league, Arizona and Seattle. This week the Lions take on a bad Bears’ defense that should yield solid returns.

I have Luck here for if he plays, because he will be having to play catch-up the whole night. Bortles is a fine option instead, but should you roll with Luck have a backup plan with subbing in Brady.

RB Values

Matt Forte, VF : 4.24

Eddie Lacy, VF : 4.55

Lamar Miller, VF 4.98

DeMarco Murray, VF : 5.01

I am probably putting Freeman in every one of my lineups, so I will just be picking one of these guys. Forte and Lacy both have matchups against bad defenses and Murray has picked up his pace a bit. I will roll with Miller though, because I think new Dolphins’ coach Dan Campbell will ride Miller and lessen the load on Ryan Tannehill.

WR Values

Julian Edelman, VF : 4.98

Randall Cobb, VF : 5.11

Jordan Matthews, VF : 5.23

Allen Robinson, VF : 5.24

Edelman is another guy who is still not getting respect with the pricing matrix. His value of just $7900 is the 11th highest receiver, while he has put up top-5 numbers week in and week out.

Cobb should have a good bounce back game as I have him projected at about 16 points, more than every receiver besides Edelman. Matthews and Robinson are two lower priced plays that I project to finish as top-10 options for the week at the position.

TE Plays

Rob Gronkowski, VF : 5.75

Tyler Eifert, VF : 5.78

Julius Thomas, VF : 5.78

There is not much value with any of the tight ends this week, so I will probably spend a little extra on the sure things in Gronk and Eifert. If you do need to go lower at the position, Julius Thomas should see an uptick in targets in his second game and is valued at just $5200.

My All-Value Team

QB: Blake Bortles

RB: Devonta Freeman

RB: Lamar Miller

WR: Julian Edelman

WR: Allen Robinson

WR: Jordan Matthews

TE: Rob Gronkowski

D/ST: Jacksonville Jaguars

K: Matt Prater

The tight end is the key to your lineup this week with WVBD. If you want to go big with Gronk, you have to only roster one stud at receiver. You can go a little cheaper with Eifert and still fit Cobb in with Edelman, but I will be taking the sure thing at tight end when there is not much value to snag.

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