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NFL games in London need to end. Not only are they a terrible dilution of the product but it takes away a home game for a team, and usually are just awful to watch. This week was no exception, but for Fantasy owners it presents a very difficult choice.

A week after posting season-high numbers, both Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. came back down to earth and looked awfully pedestrian. With the Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins heading overseas, owners now must once again suffer through the week long agony of deciding what to do.

Simple advice would be to bench everyone as long as you have a semi-competent replacement. That is next week and for this week owners will have a lot to process. Jay Ajayi looks like a legit back after posting back-to-back 200 rushing games. Matt Forte looks like he has returned to form after a few down weeks.

Tom Brady continues his revenge tour but the big take away from that game was how well Landry Jones guided the offense. I was impressed and think that he can help keep the value of every player on the offense. Scoring in the redzone though was and will be a bad area as long as he is in the game.

Let’s take a look at the other main Fantasy Football headlines from Week 7.

Week 7 Fantasy Football Headlines

Running Backs Roll

Jay Ajayi had over 200 yards yet again, Matt Forte had over 150 total yards and two touchdowns. Sprinkle in elite games from Demarco Murray, Jeremy Hill, Melvin Gordon, Jacquizz Rodgers, and owners had a lot to be happy about.

While this may not mean much for owners who do not have these player, there were some question marks coming into this week. Ajayi was seen as a one week wonder, but he is now a must-start no matter what. Rodgers will be a great RB2 until Doug Martin comes back and even then he should at the very least be on your bench.

Hill has been plagued with inconsistent play and Giovani Bernard has been outplaying him. I do not expect a repeat performance, everyone has done well against the Cleveland Browns. He is still a situational start at best. Gordon and Murray are just reinforcing their amazing starts.


A Little Luck Needed


People ask me a lot, “Robert, you charismatic stallion of a man, why did you trade Andrew Luck after the first week of this season?” Well, great question and transition, but the bottom line was that I could not trust Indy to keep their quarterback upright.

Well I look like a fool now don’t I? Luck is balling once again and T.Y. Hilton is playing like he is a Top 3 receiver in the game. Yes, there may still be some issues on the offensive line, but Luck seems to have returned to his 2014 form when he passed for 40 touchdowns.

Oh and Jack Doyle must be considered as a starter in what has turned out to be the worst crop of Fantasy tight ends I have ever seen.


Rapid Fire Headlines

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to struggle on offense. No matter who the player is, they need to be on your bench until this offense proves they can be as elite as they were last year.
  • LeGarrette Blount had a phenomenal game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He topped 20 Fantasy points and should have some success against a Buffalo Bills team that just got ran over by Ajayi.
  • The San Diego Chargers’ offense continues to roll, so do not be afraid to start any player this week against the Denver Broncos.

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Robert Golinvaux

Robert is currently a student at the University of Kansas. He has been a Fantasy Football writer for three years and still believes that Eddie Lacy is a top-three running back. Follow him on Twitter for any questions or article suggestions.
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