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We’re skipping into the end of the first third of the our Fantasy Baseball experts mock draft, and that means we’re going to likely start seeing some of these teams fill up some holes created by doubling up on some positions earlier.

Feel free to make some comments about the experts draft at the bottom of this page. Whose team is looking the best so far?

This 2015 experts mock draft is for a mixed Rotisserie mock draft, with standard 5×5 scoring, 12 teams, with the starting lineup set up this way: 2-Catchers, 1-1B, 1-2B, 1-3B, 1-SS, 5-OF, 1 corner infielder, 1 middle infielder, one utility hitter and nine pitchers.

Each writer was asked to give a sentence or two of analysis for each pick, so you’ll get to see the thinking behind each selection.

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2015 Fantasy Baseball Experts Mock Draft: Round 7

7.01 Nelson Cruz, OF, Seattle

Steve Pimental, FantasyAlarm.comCruz helps make up for Joey Votto’s lack of home runs while not killing me in average. Cruz won’t hit 40 home runs again, but I bet he flirts with 30.

Roster: 1B-Votto, 3B-Beltre, OF-Trout/Braun.Cruz, SP-Wainwright/Lester

7.02 Christian Yelich, OF, Miami

Chris Zolli, FantasyPros.comYelich has a huge opportunity in Miami, evidenced by the fact that he is the fourth player picked in this draft from the Marlins thus far and is the second hitter in this lineup.

[Tweet “Flanked by a 60-SB leadoff man and the reigning HR champ, Yelich has the best real estate in MLB.”]

This is not to diminish Yelich’s skills as well; he is a career .285 hitter over his first 822 career at-bats and should be set for 15 or more steals. There is a very good chance that he has over 100 runs and could even fall into 75 or more RBI with Dee Gordon’s speed behind him in the lineup. Yelich has huge potential for the 2015 season and is a great fit for my team.

Roster: 1B-Freeman, 3B-Santana, OF-McCutchen/Kemp/Yelich, SP-Hernandez/Darvish

7.03 Cole Hamels, SP, Philadelphia

Jim Finch, FantasyAssembly.comI was all set to take a hitter here, but poor Cole Hamels looked lonely sitting there. While he is no longer a top 10 option, he is one of the best stable options to roster once those top 10 are gone. Over the past 5 years he has not pitched less than 200 innings and his lowest strikeout total over that time was 194. He’s a virtual lock for a WHIP of 1.15 and an ERA that hovers right around 3.0. Wins might be hard to come by, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed he is traded to a contender at some point. If that happens and he can get 14-plus wins, it will make this Round 7 pick look like a steal.

Roster: 1B-Goldschmidt, SS-Desmond, 3B-Frazier, SP-Hamels, RP-Kimbrel/Chapman/Jansen

7.04 Devin Mesoraco, C, Cincinnati

Andy Singleton, FantasyFiveStar.comIn a 2-C setup, you can easily get burned by waiting too long to address the backstop position. #ZeroPitching rules force my hand, and I like “The Groundhog” as much as the Reds’ front office does (4 years/$28M). He’ll be 27 in June, so he’s right where you want a power hitter to be. His ABs and AVG have improved in each of his four years as a pro, in addition to the leap he took with his power numbers. At the very least a duplicate of last season would make me happy. But, he has shown the propensity for growth. His floor has entered elite levels, and there is still hope for more!

Roster: C-Mesoraco, 1B-Cabrera, SS-Reyes/Boagaerts, 3B-Seager, OF-Springer/Marte


7.05 Lucas Duda, 1B, N.Y. Mets

Lawr Michaels, Mastersball.comOK, we can agree that Josh Donaldson is a reasonable first round pick. If so, then why is Duda a seventh-rounder? For the archivists, Duda hit .253-32-92 over 514 ab (Donaldson was .255-29-98 over 608) while Duda’s K:BB rate was 69/135 (Josh was 76/130). Duda is a year younger. Sold.

Roster: C-Posey/Lucroy, 1B-Duda, 3B-Donaldson, OF-Cespedes/Calhoun/Ozuna

7.06 Matt Harvey, SP, N.Y. Mets

Daniel Archer, LeagueSafePost.comWho needs analysis when you have a raging man crush? Yes, he’s coming off TJ and we should expect command to be an issue for the first couple months. Yes, he’s on some kind of IP limit. I’m less concerned about the command adjustment because he’s had nearly 18 months and gets a full spring training. Most victims are coming back in August after 12-14 months out and trying to catch up to game speed. There are also rumblings that the IP limit will be higher than usual for the same reasons. At this point in the draft, I’m willing to take a shot. He posted an 0.93 WHIP and 2.27 ERA (2.0 FIP, 2.63 xFIP) in 2013. I’d be comfortable with where Steamer has him at 163 IP, 3.13 ERA, and 1.13 WHIP with 175 strikeouts, but I see that as his floor unless he reinjures the elbow.

Roster: 1B-Gonzalez, 2B-Dozier, OF-Gomez/Puig/Harper, SP-Greinke/Harvey

7.07 Johnny Cueto, SP, Cincinnati

David Kerr, FantasySquads.comI finally grabbed my first pitcher in the seventh round and I couldn’t be more happy. If Clayton Kershaw didn’t pitch out of his mind last season, Johnny Cueto would have been the NL CY Young winner without question. Last year, Cueto made 34 starts that included four complete games. He pitched a total of 243.2 innings, a number that lead the league. I’m not concerned about his workload nor his injury plagued 2013. Cueto has seen a K/9 increase in three straight seasons while at the same time keeping his ERA under 3.00. I’m actually quite surprised that he was still available in the seventh round and I will happily insert him as my staff ace.

Roster: 1B-Martinez, 2B-Gordon, SS-Ramirez, OF-Stanton/A.Jones/Ellsbury, SP-Cueto

7.08 Prince Fielder, 1B, Texas

Brendan O’Brien-Cockson, FantasySquads.comVery happy to still see Fielder here, he will complete my infield nicely. Near the end of January, Fielder declared that he’s fully healthy and ready to go and added “I’ll play a pickup game right now.” Let’s throw his 2014 outlier season out the window for a minute. The last five seasons before that, he played 162 games EVERY season (except 2010 where he played 161) and averaged roughly 32 HR, 100 RBI and a BA somewhere around .280. Sign me up. Who doesn’t want this beautiful model on their team?

Roster: 1B-Fielder, 2B-Kinsler, SS-Castro, 3B-Longoria, OF-B.Hamilton, SP-Kershaw/Bumgarner

Prince Fielder-ESPN

7.09 Greg Holland, RP, Kansas City

Alex Kantecki, FakeTeams.comHolland is one of the top three fantasy relievers in my estimation along with Aroldis Chapman and Craig Kimbrel. I was tickled to see Holland available this late, as I’m not one to reach for relief pitchers on draft day. The Royals stopper has the most fWAR since the start of 2013, a full fWAR (!) more than Kimbrel. More importantly for fantasy, he also has the second most saves (93), the second-highest strikeout rate (39 percent), and the eight-highest K/BB ratio (5.08) over the past two seasons among relievers.

Roster: 1B-Abreu, 2B-Rendon, OF-Brantley/Gonzalez, SP-Strasburg/Zimmermann, RP-Holland

7.10 Chris Davis, 1B/3B, Baltimore

Brad Binns, MoxyBall.comIt’s a gamble, but I am happy to take a gamble in Round 7 after taking players in the first six rounds that I feel are pretty safe. What Chris Davis did in 2014 will scare many away — but not me. His floor for an entire season of games is 30 HR with a very poor average, and there is plenty of room for him to outperform that on the upside. I don’t ever expect him to produce at a level similar to what he did in 2013 (.286-103-53-138-4), but the upside Davis has makes him worth a seventh-round pick in my books.

Roster: 1B-Encarnacion, 2B-Altuve, 3B-Davis, OF-Dickerson, DH-Ortiz, SP-Scherzer/Kluber

7.11 Evan Gattis, C/1B, Houston

Neil Parker, LockerRoomFantasySports.comThe potential of 550 at-bats and 25-plus home runs from the catcher slot is Rotisserie gold in the middle rounds. Plus, Gattis’ .253 career batting average isn’t a killer. Throw in the potential for 30 round trippers, an improved home ballpark and lineup, and the unlikelihood of actual catching duty — and this is a no-brainer.

Roster: C-Gattis, 1B-Pujols, 2B-Cano, SS-Tulowitzki, 3B-Arenado, OF-J.Upton/Pence

7.12 Pablo Sandoval, 3B, Boston

Greg Jewett, TheSportsScript.comI want to take a chance in this mock and go with a third baseman with upside. Sandoval is moving to a better lineup, better ballpark and I see him peppering baseballs off of the Green Monster. His career slash lines are .294/.346/.465. In David Ortiz’s first year in Boston, he jumped 11 HRs. If Sandoval keeps his average intact and gets his HRs to 20 or higher, he is worth this pick for a pending career year.

Roster: 1B-Rizzo, 2B-Kipnis, 3B-Sandoval, OF-Bautista/Heyward, SP-Sale/Price

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2015 Fantasy Baseball Experts Mock Draft: Round 7

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