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2015 MLB Rookie Roundup: 2015 Season Opener

The 2015 MLB Rookie Roundup will be a weekly report of how the rookies fared in each week of the season. I will capture their weekly stats, as well as highlight the highs and lows of each week. As of now, many of the players who will likely be mentioned in this post are not in the majors, but are expected to be in the future. Kris Bryant, Carlos Rodon, Noah Syndergaard, and Yasmany Tomas being the biggest names.

Since we have only had one complete day of action as I write this post I will focus on some predictions and a few other musings before the more standard weekly post begins next Wednesday. Saturday is another big day as Archie Bradley makes his MLB debut!

Stay tuned, look forward to more and as always feel free to add any other comments or concerns in the comments section below, or follow me on Twitter and do the same @fantsychillpony.

The Top 6 Impact Rookies in 2015

These are the six players I will be following closely all season, and although Bryant is not a Major league player as of yet, he will be by the end of the month making him a high impact player in 2015. That is also why I felt I needed to do six. The others are all everyday players from Opening Day and will be favorites to lead Rookie Of The Year voting.

1. Kris Bryant, 3B, Chicago Cubs

There isn’t much more that needs to be said. Bryant dominated Spring Training, looks ready to crush Major League pitching and make an immediate impact in 2015 once called up.

2. Joc Pederson, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

  * More on Pederson below

3. Jorge Soler, OF, Chicago Cubs

Soler may be an overlooked Rookie and Cub this season, but that should NOT detract from this kid’s talent. He has power, fantastic defense and the ability to hit for an average that won’t destroy your fantasy teams. He is playing everyday, and hit 5 home runs in 97 at-bats in 2014, Making  A 22-plus home run, 75 RBI 2015 season within reach.

4. Rusney Castillo, OF, Boston Red Sox

 * More on Castillo below

5. Dalton Pompey, OF, Toronto Blue Jays:


Speed, everyday playtime and leading off in one of the deadliest lineups in the Major Leagues? Pompey should be an appealing player with 30 steal/10 Home Run potential on the high-end in 2015.

6. Daniel Norris, SP, Toronto Blue Jays

Marcus Stroman’s injury left the door open for Norris to secure a spot in the Blue Jays rotation. He has a very MLB ready pitching arsenal, and will carry his unbelievable 35% strikeout rate across all levels in 2014 with him. He will as most young, strikeout pitchers struggle with command every now and again, but should make a very big impact in the Blue Jays rotation.

My Pick for American League Rookie of the Year: Rusney Castillo

Rusney Castillo is my pick to be the American League Rookie of the Year. He like Bryant is not in the Majors at this point thanks to an injury in Spring Training, and he lost the starting Center Field job to Mookie Betts. With Hanley Ramirez, and Shane Victorino in the other outfield spots Castillo is likely going to get a chance and seemed to be playing well in camp prior to being sent to AAA.

Castillo has power, modest speed and is poised to make an impact once he lands an everyday role in 2015. 27 years old Rusney has experience from his time overseas and his appearance in Boston could be streamlined if the oft-injured Shane Victorino gets hurt early on.

His projections are modest, but if he does indeed get the call sooner than later he should out-perform these projections in 2015.

statistics provided by

statistics provided by


My Pick for National League Rookie of the Year: Joc Pederson

This one is really tough. I think Bryant will make the most noise and biggest splash with his pure power, but I think the combination of the Los Angeles Dodgers being in contention for the Playoffs, and Joc Pederson playing everyday from day one makes him my choice.

Pederson may not have as much power as Bryant, but he has more speed, and will hit for better average. In other words he is a legitimate 5 tool player, and because of this will make noise by filling all the categories. He also made a splash on Opening Day gathering a Double, a Stolen Base, and a Run scored along with one strikeout.

This is the kind of thing I expect from Pederson, a legitimate 30/30 candidate going forward and a 15/15 potential in 2015. Because of this I expect him to win the 2015 NL Rookie of the year award. On a side note I don’t think Pederson will only hit .225, but more in the .260 range.

statistics provided by

statistics provided by


 Honorable Mentions

These players will all likely get the call and make an impact as well, although they may not make the cut for Rookie of the Year awards. Expect to see most of them on my weekly Rookie Roundup posts at some point in 2015.

Carlos Rodon, SP, Chicago White Sox

Alex Meyer, SP, Minnesota Twins

Aaron Sanchez, SP, Toronto Blue Jays

Steven Souza, OF, Tampa Bay Rays

Kendall Graveman, SP, Oakland Athletics

Noah Syndergaard, SP, New York Mets

Jung Ho Kang, SS, Pittsburgh Pirates

Thanks again for reading!

Image Provided by: Tom Hagerty on Flickr Commons

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