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2015 MLB Rookie Roundup: Week 3 Preview

Kris Bryant continues to tear up Arizona.

Now that we have a little over a week complete in the season we should be ready to delve in to this weeks 2015 MLB Rookie Roundup post.

We should also be able to determine who to cut from our rosters, and crown the next Rookie of the Year too.

Well, I may be joking about that last one, but after one week, I will not be foolish enough to overreact about any player’s performance, especially a young player or rookie.

So with that being said we will look at a few of the big names and their first weeks numbers, but also realize the season is oh so young and still has that new baby head smell. Seriously, isn’t that one of the best smells ever? Right up there with a new car smell.

Either way, I am getting sidetracked here. Let’s first chat about a few things I am looking forward to this week.

MLB Rookie Roundup: Three Questions

1. What can we expect from Kris Bryant after his call-up?

Myself, and every other baseball fan on the planet earth hopes he starts his 2015 season with a bang, well, maybe except for those folks who bought tickets to an Iowa Cubs game to see Bryant. He has shown he’s not your ordinary minor-league player already, so start him immediately, considering he’ll likely not be like your ordinary major-league player, either. In his final at-bat with Iowa on Thursday, Bryant smacked a three-run home run. A 25-HR projection for Bryant in 2015 almost seems like a low number, but we’ll start with that.

2. Which rookie two-start pitchers will have the most success in Week 3?

Eddie Butler, Chris Heston, Trevor May, James Paxton, Kendall Graveman, or Daniel Norris. Most of these players will have one of their starts completed already by the time you read this, but their performances will be something worth noting. Two-start pitchers are always valuable, but if a rookie can perform well in both, their values will only rise in Fantasy.

3. Is Rusney Castillo’s third injury since signing with Boston a concern?

I certainly think it is, and now it is a shoulder injury. Castillo if you read last week’s post was my favorite to win the AL ROY award but that is beginning to seem a little far-fetched at this point. Format depends for Castillo and in a Redraft I would still hold for a while longer, but if it is a 10-12 team league and you need someone you have to consider dropping him. Dynasty or Keepers you still need to hold tight.

Last Week’s Rookie Roundup

Steven Souza is struggling big time, and a player who was a late-round darling in Fantasy Drafts has owners dropping him, or looking to move him ASAP already. I am not saying this is a bad idea either, just know it is early yet and as everyone should know. Expect rookies to have bumps in the road. Souza is slashing a nauseating .158/.333/.158 so far.

Aaron Sanchez got roughed up in a bad way in Week 1 lasting only 3 innings, but he lasted more than five innings against the Rays on Thursday. He also struck out four batters (compared to just one in his first start), and strikeouts are something Sanchez’s owners are expecting. Again, Sanchez is a player with filthy stuff, and may end up in the bullpen at some point, but for now, after only two starts, hold tight and hope it was early jitters.

Joc Pederson is looking like a veteran and has carried his torrid spring training numbers into the regular season and Week 1 so far. Slashing .269/.345/.500 isn’t fantastic, but it is serviceable. Most importantly, he is filling other categories as well, with one home run, and stolen base respectively. Look for even more of this to come in 2015 from my early NL ROY favorite.

Archie Bradley looked like a future ace for sure this weekend lasting six innings and racking up 6 strikeouts. Most importantly, he also only gave up one hit, and he walked four which is a known concern with Bradley, but may simply be an expectation every start this year. Bradley followed that start up with a no-decision at San Francisco, allowing just four hits and four walks, with two earned runs in 6.2 innings pitched.

Our goal with the Rookie Roundup is to help you get the right first-year players on your team for the rest of the season!

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