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2015 Tout Wars Owners Announced

Earlier this month, the owner lineup for the 2015 Tout Wars was announced. The four experts leagues (AL-only, NL-only and Mixed auctions, as well as the Mixed Draft) is chock full (chocks are huge!) of some of the most respected names in the industry — and then me!

This is my 10th season in Tout Wars — and I’m ready for my second title (2008!) already. Then again, I’m also ready to not come in dead last (2014) again.

I’m very happy to say I’ve worked with 10 of these guys along the way. This industry is full of great guys, and I’ve often said that the good guy-to-douchebag ratio is about 40:1. Try finding that number in any other industry: Telecommunications (12:1), Attorneys (5:1), Firemen (11:1), Pro wrestling (3:1) and people that work at the DMV (1:45).

Scott Engel of joins the Mixed League Auction this season, which is great because he was my mentor, along with’s Tristan Cockcroft, and Engel was the guy that helped me get my foot in the door at in 2003. He’s a good man — even though he has an unhealthy obsession with KISS — the band, not the act.

MIXED 2015 Tout Wars Auction Owners

Patrick Davitt
Cory Schwartz
Scott Swanay
Fred Zinkie
Eric Mack
Derek Van Riper
Scott Engel
David Gonos
Zach Steinhorn
Tim Heaney
Paul Singman
Nando Di Fino
Scott Pianowski
Al Melchior
Ray Flowers

AL 2015 Tout Wars Owners

Andy Behrens
Larry Schechter
Jeff Erickson
Rob Leibowitz
Seth Trachtman
Steve Moyer
Chris Liss
Jason Collette
Colton Wolf
Ron Shandler
Mike Podhorzer
Lawr Michaels

NL 2015 Tout Wars Owners

Gene McCaffrey
Brian Walton
Lenny Melnick
Mike Gianella
Peter Kreutzer
Phil Hertz
Todd Zola
Ray Guilfoyle
Tristan Cockcroft
Scott Wilderman
Steve Gardner
Derek Carty

MIXED 2015 Tout Wars Draft

Ray Murphy
Tim McLeod
Eno Sarris
Brent Hershey
Nick Minnix
Anthony Perri
Adam Ronis
Paul Greco
Rick Wilton
Charlie Wiegert
Perry Van Hook
Paul Sporer
Greg Ambrosius
Tom Kessenich
Grey Albright

Good luck to anyone named “David!”

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