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Baseball is most definitely back, which means Fantasy is back and finally, it means 2016 Daily Fantasy Baseball: Picks is back for another season here at

Today we are looking at a nine game slate and featuring many teams No. 2 starters. I will not deny I am a little rusty, as most of us likely are. Opting for elite pitching is usually a fail safe option for cash games, but even some of the games best pitchers are rusty as well.

At this point building a lineup for me will largely rely on matchups, place in batting order, and overall value. After a few weeks of course things may begin to level out, and we can utilize some trends or streaks to our advantage. For now it is simply trying to get the most bang for our buck.

I will also make note that I am not going to be rolling out too many GPP (Tournament) lineups here in the beginning. I will be playing some small ball, and safer cash games (50/50’s) to get my feet wet, regain my balance and hopefully find a groove again like in 2015.

Best of luck today everyone. As always stay tuned for updates on all things such as weather prior to first pitch tonight here. You should also monitor starting lineups, which thankfully are typically submitted well before the games (I am looking at YOU NBA)!

With that let’s get over the excitement of having Baseball back and get to work.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: April 5

A quick note: If I am only listing one player it is because they are essentially both a good value, and a top choice for me. Some positions and pricing haven’t quite balanced out yet on the Daily Fantasy Sites.

Starting Pitchers

David Price, Boston Red Sox @ Cleveland Indians

Early slate players should be targeting Price without a doubt.

DraftKings: $11,000        FanDuel: $12,300

Scott Kazmir, Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Diego Padres

Kazmir has become a tale of two halves player over the last few seasons. Now is about as first half as you can get. The Padres looked inept against Kershaw last night, I expect more from them but will still roll with Kazmir in most games tonight.

Draftkings: $8,300   FanDuel: $9,300

Michael Wacha, St. Louis Cardinals @ Pittsburgh Pirates

Wacha makes a nice pit hang partner for Kazmir tonight and should allow you to get some serious monster bats in your lineups tonight.

Draftkings: $8,100  FanDuel: $8,500

First Base

Paul Goldschmidt is the play today, and literally every day if you can afford him. 

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers @ Miami Marlins (Chen)

Miggy is a little bit cheaper than Goldschmidt and has a solid matchup today facing Chen. Cabrera can hit any pitcher, at any time so when he plays in a game like today with a favorability to win it makes him even more appealing.

DraftKings: $4,700   FanDuel: $4,400

Dae-ho Lee, Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers (Perez)

Lee is truly an unknown and he is pretty cheap today. Assuming the Mariners continue with the platoon concept facing a lefty in Perez means Lee should get some swings as a righty. Keep tabs on lineups for sure on this one, but I am willing to go cheap and risky here.

Draft Kings: $2,000 FanDuel: $3,000

Second Base

Ian Kinsler, Detroit Tigers @ Miami Marlins (Chen)

Kinsler is a safe play in a favorable lefty vs righty matchup today. I will be stacking Tigers today in what appears to be a safe move.

Draft Kings: $4,000  FanDuel: $3,000 

Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Angels (Heaney)

Russell is a switch hitter facing a very good, but young starter today. Perhaps the first start of the season jitters will work in Russel’s favor.

Draft Kings: $3,000  FanDuel: N/A 

Third Base

Jake Lamb, Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockies (Bettis)

Lamb is affordable and in a fantastic matchup today. When the price is right go for it. Also if this allows you to upgrade pitching or perhaps add Miggy or Goldschmidt it is a positive. Keep eyes onlineups for him as well. If he isn’t starting his teammate Brandon Drury is an equally appealing option.

DraftKings: $3,400  FanDuel: $ 2,200


Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants @ Milwaukee Brewers (Nelson)

Crawford was a rock star in 2015, and perhaps some of that fire will carry over today. The Giants are favorites to win and in a righty vs lefty matchup he favor should be with Crawford.

DraftKings: $4,000  FanDuel: $2,700


J.D. Martinez, Detroit Tigers @ Miami Marlins (Chen)

DraftKings: $4,200  FanDuel: $3,400


Michael Conforto, New York Mets @ Kansas City (Young)

DraftKings: $3,600  FanDuel: $2,500

David Peralta, Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockies (Bettis)

oh how I have missed David Peralta. If you can recall last season he was a near lock for me whenever he faced a left-handed pitcher. Well, today he gets one and unless he completely crumbles in 2016 he will remain in my posts.

DraftKings: $3,700     FanDuel: $3,300

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