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Another fantastic full slate of baseball for all of us to play our beloved Daily Fantasy Baseball. It is currently beautiful in Minnesota and between work and the kids, I somehow found a way to sneak off and write this article.

Since I would like to watch some baseball and mow the lawn, I am going to keep the blabbering to a minimum today and simply get to the good stuff, which is my picks for tonights slate.

As always I am not intending for folks to use every player I recommend as much as building around a few key cogs, or perhaps finding a value play or two and going from there. If you can build an entire lineup with my picks and it works, well done!

Stay tuned for updates on all things such as weather prior to first pitch tonight here. You should also monitor starting lineups, which thankfully are typically submitted well before the games. Many lineup sites also include weather forecasts as well.

If you are into player projections, lineup builders and other cool tools, you should be checking out rotoQL. I tend to use these on days when I am crunched for time, and I have to admit this tool is fast, easy and I look forward to seeing how it does. Just be aware and use some of the tools I provide you as usual with the weather and daily lineup cards.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Tuesday, May 3

A quick note: If I am only listing one player it is because they are essentially both a good value, and a top choice for me. Some positions and pricing haven’t quite balanced out yet on the Daily Fantasy Sites.

Starting Pitchers

Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh Pirates

Dominance isn’t the correct word to use for Arrieta over his last 18 starts, but it is extremely close. Tonight he faces a tough opponent in their own park so it could get interesting, but I have faith Arrieta will remain locked in.

DraftKings: $12,100       FanDuel: $12,100

Nick Tropeano, Los Angeles Angels @ Milwaukee Brewers


Tropeano can get Ks and the Brewers’ bats will gladly supply them. If he doesn’t make too many mistakes, he could eat some innings and snag a win too.

DraftKings: $5,600        FanDuel: $6,400


First Base

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles (Tillman)

Rodriguez has been heating up and I like this matchup and his fair price to help me in other areas tonight. Also, likes him so that is good enough for me.

DraftKings: $        FanDuel: $3,500 (Third Base only)


Second Base

Brett Lawrie, Chicago White Sox vs Boston Red Sox (Wright)

Another rotoQL pick I will agree with tonight. I have had luck with their tool so far, so who am I to deny them a few picks. Wright has been solid, but as a knuckleballer if he is off, he will be in trouble.

DraftKings: $3,700        FanDuel: $3,300

Jose Altuve, Houston Astros @ Minnesota Twins (Meyer)

Altuve is much like Arenado and Correa. If you can afford them, then you spend on them, especially in matchups like this one

DraftKings: $5,500        FanDuel: $4,200


Third Base

Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies @ San Diego Padres (Cashner)

Arenado needs no real explanation for playing, and Cashner will make mistakes. Arenado just may capitalize.

DraftKings: $4,400        FanDuel: $5,000

Matt Duffy, San Francisco Giants @ Cincinnati Reds (Moscot)

Duffy is facing an unproven pitcher and a vulnerable team in a favorbale hitting park tonight. What is not to love besides his price being a little bit steep?

DraftKings: $4,300      FanDuel: $2,900



Carlos Correa, Houston Astros @ Minnesota Twins (Meyer)

Man oh man. my Twins are looking terrible, and this matchup should easily meet value. I like Meyer plenty but with control issues and facing two of the best hitters in the league tonight, I side with the hitters.

DraftKings: $5,000       FanDuel: $4,100

Jonathan Villar, Milwaukee Brewers vs Los Angeles Angels (Tropeano)

Sure he is facing one of my pitching choices tonight, but he has wheels. Perhaps he will be the only player to get a hit tonight and steal a base with his wheels. It could happen!

DraftKings:$4,000       FanDuel: $3,000



Avisail Garcia, Chicago White Sox vs Boston Red Sox (Wright)

Garcia is listed as day-to-day tonight and needs to be monitored, but if he is in the lineup, I like this matchup and price.

DraftKings: $3,300       FanDuel: $2,900

Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants @ Cincinnati Reds (Moscot) 


Pence has been on fire and someone named Moscot or anyone in Cincy won’t likely be slowing him down tonight folks. I  am paying up.

DraftKings: $5,100       FanDuel: $3,700


Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins @ Arizona Diamondbacks (Corbin)

Stanton is a beast, Corbin hasn’t been dominant and it is a lefty vs righty matchup tonight. If I can find a way to get Stanton and Pence in my lineups, I will be happy.

DraftKings: $5,300       FanDuel: $4,900

Image Provided By: Paul Hadsall

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