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“That’s it! I’ve had it with [insert starting pitcher’s name here]!!” Sound familiar?

Pitching has been a roller coaster ride in 2016 and it seems it’s only getting worse as the season progresses.

As things have gone so far this season, we’ve had our aces doing ace-like things, and then there has been nothing but mediocre pitchers with bloated ERA’s and WHIP.

It’s hard to monitor one’s team as their pitching staff continues to get rocked week in and week out.

Let’s try to salvage this year and help out your team by cutting some dead weight on your pitching staff!

Five Starting Pitchers on the Chopping Block

Chris Archer, Tampa Bay Rays

I am done with Chris Archer — simply put.

I was able to obtain Archer for the once struggling Votto because my pitching staff needed some help. Well, as you may know, Archer has been absolute trash this year and it doesn’t help the Tampa Bay Rays ‘offense is nonexistent.Now, I wouldn’t say drop Archer, he MAY break out of his season-long funk, but I do suggest sitting him for a while and if you can get some sort of trade value out of him — even if it’s getting a nickle’s worth of a dime — I would suggest doing so.

Matt Harvey, New York Mets

All off-season, as well as late last season, analysts were asking: “Will the pitch count hurt the Mets’ young pitching staff?” Answer: YES.

Harvey has been horrendous this year. Similar to the ways of Archer, the Mets’ offense hasn’t been there practically all season. Both pitchers look completely lost on the mound and their stats tell a chilling story for the early round fantasy draft picks.Again, similar to Archer, don’t drop Harvey. He does pitch in the worst conference in baseball, the punchless NL EAST, but I would advise to sit on the regular and if you can persuade someone to take him in a lesser value trade, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros

From a nobody pitching great baseball, to a Cy Young winner, to an absolute bust — Keuchel has seen it all as a pitcher.Unfortunately for him, and fantasy owners alike, he’s been the later of those three.

Looking like a shell of his former self (from only one year ago) is making those that took the former Cy Young early in drafts look like complete idiots for believing in a guy that no one believed in. Unlike Archer and Harvey, the Astros have a solid offense. Now Houston’s O hasn’t started producing until as of late, it wouldn’t matter because Keuchel has been that bad.

This is where I feel like you can be OK dropping a name like Keuchel for the sheer fact it looks as if last year may be an outlier. Though I don’t think he’s that bad this year, I just don’t think he’s that good, last year.

Sonny Gray, Oakland Athletics

That’s right: I believe the guy with the best oxymoron of a name in the MLB, Sonny Gray, is on the chopping block.

Gray has been a very, very bad pitcher this year. What’s not helping the fact that he’s giving up so many runs, is he has one of the worst defenses behind him “backing” him up. Mix those two things together and you get one of the biggest busts of the 2016 fantasy season.

As the A’s look to be sellers once again as the season approaches the trade deadline, and as Gray pretty much destroyed any hope of being trade bait, it looks like it’s going to be an uphill climb for the rest of the 2016 for Gray — and A’s fans of course.

Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals

Everyone was into the thought that Adam Wainwright was going to come in the 2016 fresh back from his Achilles injury and be his old dominate self. Problem is, everyone must’ve seemed to forget that Waino is a 34-year-old, 10-year vet who had to show his age some time.

Achilles injuries/surgeries are serious injuries. For a batters sake, Philadelphia Phillies Ryan Howard had it done and was never the same player again. Well, it seems Wainwright is now the pitcher version of Howard.

Wainwright is a pitcher who doesn’t strikeout much, who hung his hat on perfect control, and in 2016, he hasn’t shown the control that’s needed for a guy without a high K-rate, making him dispensable.

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