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While reading about 2016 Fantasy Football quarterback busts might be fun, writing about them is not.

I don’t mean to say I hate doing it, but instead, I hate dumping on excellent players that I believe have the best chances of under-performing compared to their draft value.

In other words, a quarterback could actually have a really good season, throwing for 24 TDs and getting his team to the conference championship in an offense that moved to a run-oriented game. But in Fantasy Football, he could be considered a great big bust because he was expected to be a Top 5 quarterback.

Plus, there are two types of people that read these articles: Ones that haven’t drafted yet and are looking for players to avoid, and ones that have already drafted and they’re hoping not to see the names of the players they drafted.

If you’re part of the first group – you might file away this information, or possible rearrange your rankings a tad, but you likely won’t remember who I mentioned as a bust three months from now. If you’re part of the second group, and you drafted a player I dump on, you’ll be bringing this article up later this fall or winter, if your quarterback plays as well as everyone expected. It’s a no-win situation!

2016 Fantasy Football Quarterback Busts

Even though I’m doomed to catch flak about these selections, I’m still going to push through – and choose a trio of quarterbacks whose Fantasy value I believe will end up lower at the end of the season than during draft season. I’ll use the Average Draft Positions on, which combines ADP from draft sites like CBS, ESPN, My Fantasy League and Yahoo!

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Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals (ADP Round 6)

Before I get too far into crapping all over the Cardinals veteran, the other problem about picking 2016 Fantasy Football quarterback busts is that there isn’t a wide variety to choose from, since most leagues only start one quarterback per team. Plus, the quarterback position doesn’t really fluctuate in Fantasy Football the way running backs might. For instance, the fact Palmer and Blake Bortles became Top 5 quarterbacks last year was more of a rarity than the norm.


OK – so let’s hate on Palmer!

Despite coming off a torn ACL in 2014, Palmer finished 2015 among the Top 5 QBs in Fantasy points. This was largely because of an excellent running game and a fantastic trio of wide receivers.

It was a career year for Palmer, which is why you should be a little reticent to expect a repeat in 2016. It was just the second time in his 12-year NFL career that he threw for 30-plus touchdowns. Not to mention that the 37-year-old is a twice-broken QB, with two separate seasons lost to injury.

Taking him in the middle rounds is much smarter than his current Round 6 ADP. I’m fine believing in John Brown, but Michael Floyd has proven to be consistently inconsistent. Larry Fitzgerald is banging on the over-the-hill door, with three seasons of less than 1,000 receiving yards in his past four years.

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Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals (ADP Round 6)

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