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As we look ahead into our 2016 Fantasy Football Rookie Quarterback Rankings, we unfortunately look through a lens that has been colored by the likes of some amazing rookie quarterbacks in recent years.

For instance, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson were all amazing in their first professional seasons, and they all ranked among the Top 5 rookie Fantasy seasons in NFL history.

Last year, we saw Marcus Mariota score four touchdowns in the first half of his first regular season game – against a struggling Jameis Winston. Yet, if we look at the full season, Winston stayed healthy, and he finished with the fourth-most points as a Fantasy rookie QB ever.

That’s right, Winston, who scored the fourth-most Fantasy points of any first-year rookie ever, still finished just 13th in Fantasy points among quarterbacks in 2015. That wasn’t even good enough for him to be a regular Fantasy starter!

What we’re trying to say is – no matter what these rookie QBs do in 2016, the position has gone off the rails in Fantasy points, so it’s more difficult than ever for them to break into the Top 10 among quarterbacks.

2016 Fantasy Football Rookie Quarterback Rankings

Our ranking is for this year only, not looking ahead to future seasons, but there are some cases we’ll point out that might have better dynasty ability than others. You’re likely not going to want to draft a 2016 rookie quarterback in a standard league this summer.

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2. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

While I believe Lynch is a better pro-ready quarterback than Wentz, I expect Wentz to get starts and more opportunities to shine in 2016.


Wentz was a spectacular quarterback for North Dakota State, but now he’s skipping FBS football and headed right into the NFL. He’s going to struggle mightily, but I do think that rookie Eagles head coach Doug Pederson will get him into games sooner than later. That’s his QB, as opposed to Sam Bradford, who was Chip Kelly’s QB.

Wentz has better weapons than Goff (at least in the passing game), but not as good as Lynch. But I think he’ll see playing time faster than Lynch does in Denver.

The Eagles moved up to draft him – and they need him to get good NOW. The Broncos, however, are looking to make a deep run in the playoffs again, and would probably prefer a veteran under center.

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2. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

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