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When we talk about 2016 Fantasy Football sleeper quarterbacks, that term could mean different things for different people.

Some consider a player like Eli Manning a sleeper QB because he could end up being a top-five quarterback if things work out. At, we call that a “breakout player” rather than a sleeper.

For sleepers, we’re talking about late-rounders or undrafted players that have a chance to play well enough to become mid-round picks next season.

The unfortunate thing about sleeper quarterbacks is that we often don’t ever draft them because it’s usually unnecessary to have a second quarterback on our roster. That QB2 roster spot is where we could take a chance on a much more valuable RB4 or WR5.

And even if you find a good sleeper quarterback, the odds are that you won’t prefer to start him over your QB1 already. So take these sleeper QBs under advisement, but understand we’re not recommending them to be your future starter. These are essentially just quarterbacks we believe could end up with pretty good backup QB-ability.

2016 Fantasy Football Sleeper Quarterbacks

We’ll be referring to the Average Draft Position on, which combines the ADP from several different draft sites, like CBS, ESPN, My Fantasy League and Yahoo!

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Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings – Round 14 ADP

Third-year quarterbacks have seen great success over the past three decades, and while some rookies have turned in superstar seasons, like Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton, the standard for a QB breakout is actually Year 3. That’s great news for Bridgewater’s owners!

The Vikings drafted Laquon Treadwell, one of the best WRs coming out of college, Stefon Diggs is entering Year 2 and they have a 31-year-old tailback in Adrian Peterson that could be at the top of the hill, getting ready to go over it every day now.

Also, the former Louisville Cardinals star has a great Fantasy strength of schedule for 2016. From Weeks 6-10, Bridgewater has the second-easiest Fantasy schedule for a quarterback, and from Weeks 11-15, the Vikings have the seventh-easiest schedule.

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Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings – Round 14 ADP

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