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The Week 6 Players to Drop piece signifies the point in the season where you need stop having fun playing Fantasy Football and you need to get real.  This week I’ll be listing the largest group of players I’ll list all season. While that should make my column more difficult for the remainder of the season, the reality is this is the week to overreact panic make difficult decisions with precision.

The Fantasy Football season is a lot like this year’s, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. You go into your draft feeling good about your chances. You’re excited. This is going to be awesome. New hot track by Justin Timberlake for the summer. Maybe he did another dope compilation with Jay-Z, maybe it’s going to be a hot video with Rihanna.

You draft your team. You like it but you don’t love it. It’s solid. You hear, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. It’s alright, though slightly disappointing. You start comparing your team to the others in your league. You notice your bench is definitely the best in the league. You’re starting to feel pretty good about this. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” plays on the radio while you’re driving or in the background when you’re hanging out with friends over the summer when the sun is shining and beverages are had.

Pretty soon the mere thought of your Fantasy Football team brings a smile to your face. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” has latched itself onto your positive summer memories and for some reason you secretly kind of like it. The football season starts. The leaves start to change color. Your record is 1-2 and you’re now wearing jeans instead of shorts. Things are changing.

Now it’s Week 6 of the Fantasy Football season and you have been violently awoken from your happy place. Your record is 2-3 and you come to the realization that both your team and “Can’t Stop the Feeling” suck. It’s a total blunderbuss.

Week 6 Players to Drop

Our recommendations on Players to Drop has been on point this season. Some of the names we’ve hit on:

  • Justin Forsett, RB, Baltimore Ravens (stinks)
  • Kamar Aiken, WR, Baltimore Ravens (stinks)
  • Tajae Sharpe, WR, Tennessee Titans (stinks)
  • Devin Funchess, WR, Carolina Panthers (stinks)

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants

The headliner of the Week 6 Players to Drop piece, Eli Manning is the one suggestion this week that pains me. I had Eli ranked as a top 10 QB heading into the season, with a chance to be a sneaky top 5 finisher by season’s end. Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard, the return of Victor Cruz. Paul Perkins ideally added a new dimension to the run game, especially with Tom Coughlin’s predictable offensive scheme out the window.

Eli Manning is currently the 22nd QB in standard scoring leagues and while I’d love to stash him in the hopes a four TD performance is coming, if your record is below .500 right now, you can’t wait any longer.

Eli has the Ravens and the Rams over the next two weeks before his bye week in Week 8. Chances are you’ll drop him by then anyway. You might as well get a head start.

Brock Osweiler, QB, Houston Texans

Brock Osweiler has been even worse than Manning, sitting as the 27th QB in standard scoring after Week 5. Osweiler was the Ken Bone of the offseason. People thought they saw something they liked, though many couldn’t fully explain why. No offense to Mr. Bone but the appeal will wear off and all we’ll be left with is a series of awesome memes and nicknames.

  • The Bone Zone
  • The Brock Lobster
  • The Hip Bone Connected to the Ken Bone
  • The Brocktologist
  • Ken “Bad to the” Bone
  • The Brocketeer

The Brock star has just four TDs over his last four games and while he’s got a nice matchup against Indianapolis in Week 6, it’s the Denver Broncos in Week 7.

If your team is struggling, can you really afford to start a guy who is averaging a single TD per game over the last four weeks?

Charles Sims, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sims was an industry sleeper heading into the season based off the potential he displayed in 2015. All Sims needed was a chance. Doug Martin went down but unfortunately so has Sims. The Bucs have put Sims on IR which means he might be back for the last week or two of the Fantasy season, or maybe the Fantasy playoffs. If you’re reading this article you most likely can’t afford to stash him until then.

Golden Tate, WR, Detroit Lions

I’ve been avoiding adding Golden Tate to my Players to Drop column for a good two weeks now. Prior to Week 5, offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter said he expected Tate to have a huge game this past weekend. Tate again disappointed. I’m afraid the signing of Anquan Boldin has disrupted Tate’s role within the offense. It seems as if Boldin has moved into the slot role instead. If we add Tate and Boldin’s numbers each week we’re getting what we’d hoped to get from Tate but instead we’re left with just half a player.

If Boldin were to go down with an injury Tate would be my number one add so if you can afford to hang onto him, I won’t argue but if you’re struggling and can pick up a Cameron Meredith, drop Tate and move on. I don’t have the time or patience to count where Tate currently ranks amongst WRs in standard scoring but he wasn’t on the first page of players listed. If I have to click “next” to find your name, that’s bad news. Golden Tate, welcome to Week 6 Players to Drop.

Torrey Smith, WR, San Francisco 49ers

Torrey Smith has 4 receptions for 38 yards over his last three games. If you like Torrey Smith as a Fantasy Football option then you probably (insert pop culture reference insult).

Mohamed Sanu, WR, Atlanta Falcons

Sanu had a great Week 1 performance and since, he’s been as valuable as a sideline reporter on Monday Night Football. If you can afford to keep someone who is averaging 2 Fantasy points per game over their last four contests then you either own Julio Jones and are handcuffing him or you’re 0-5 and you’ve given up on the season already. Basically what I’m saying is, if you own Mohamed Sanu you should be kicked out of your league. If you’re not, its because your friends enjoy stealing your money and look forward to your annual donation again next season.

Markus Wheaton, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Wheaton is averaging a whopping three targets per game. Sammie Coates has completely taken over whatever secondary WR role was available. Le’Veon Bell’s return eliminates a large amount of short to intermediate routes Wheaton could have offered. The 30-40 percent of you that still own this guy, it’s time to give up on the Markus Wheaton experience. We’ve seen enough Blair Witch movies and we’ve seen enough of Markus Wheaton. Enough is enough, people.

Players to Drop: On the Chopping Block (Might be on this list next week)

Dwayne Washington, RB, Detroit Lions

Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle Seahawks

Players to Drop: 2016 Archives

Week 5

Jeremy Langford, RB, Chicago Bears

Sammy Watkins, WR, Buffalo Bills

Tajae Sharpe, WR, Tennessee Titans

Week 4

Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans

Justin Forsett, RB, Baltimore Ravens

James Starks, RB, Green Bay Packers

Devin Funchess, WR, Carolina Panthers

Green Bay Packers DST

Week 3

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, New England Patriots

Bilal Powell, RB, New York Jets

Rishard Matthews, WR, Tennessee Titans

Kamar Aiken, WR, Baltimore Ravens

Vincent Jackson, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 2

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Chris Johnson, RB, Arizona Cardinals

Steve Smith, WR, Baltimore Ravens

Jared Cook, TE, Green Bay Packers

Jimmy Graham, TE, Seattle Seahawks

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