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Over the past few years, the Fantasy Football industry has celebrated a big day on the third Saturday of the NFL Preseason, and that’s no different this year, as the 2016 National Fantasy Draft Day lands on August 27! loves any draft day, but this particular day is more special because it means there are thousands of drafts going on in bars, conference rooms, living rooms and online, truly making this our own special holiday.

Thousands of commissioners across the land will be yelling at someone to “Pick already!” Tens of thousands of Fantasy owners will be telling their leaguemates, “That’s a horrible pick, what were you thinking!?!”

And tens of thousands of spouses are left alone to fend for themselves, either by shopping, going to the movies – or making snacks and drinks for thousands of Fantasy owners!

I have a theory of why the 2016 National Fantasy Draft Day is on the third Saturday of the NFL Preseason every year, and I’ll share that in a minute!

SCFE Celebrates 2016 National Fantasy Draft Day

We want to be right there with you on Draft Day, celebrating every pick, mocking every opponent and haranguing every commissioner. Outside of your child’s birth, and the anniversary date of the day you married what’s-her-face, this is the greatest day of the year!

Here are some very important links you need to have at your side on Draft Day:

Draft Assistant: Without a doubt, this is the best Fantasy Football draft tool ever, as it synchs with your league’s draft online, and lets you know what percentage of experts would take which player on every single draft pick. It’s like having Mel Kiper Jr. in your war room.

Rotoworld’s Fantasy Player Headlines: This refreshes on its own all day long, so keep it open and refer to it frequently, in order not to draft the player that just blew out his Achilles’ minutes into your draft.

Depth Charts: No doubt, when you get into the latter rounds of some deeper leagues, you want to confirm the player you’re about to take is still either first- or second-string at least. We like’s depth charts because they’re all laid out on one page and easy to read.

SCFE’s Fantasy Football Rankings: Of course, you want to use our 2016 Fantasy Football rankings, including our Top 200 players, to help you manage your way through the big day.

SCFE’s 2016 Fantasy Football Kickoff Page: We have links to all of our other important Fantasy Football articles here, like busts, sleepers, rookies, breakouts, strategy pieces, etc.

201+ Horribly Awesome Fantasy Football Team Names: Finally, you want to make sure you have a fun, topical Fantasy Football team name that makes you the envy of your league!

Why is 2016 National Fantasy Draft Day on Saturday, Aug. 27?

The biggest backers of this big day are the major draft sites, like Yahoo!, ESPN and CBS Sports. But it’s rare that you hear much news about it until THAT week.

First, for a couple decades, the most popular draft day was the final Saturday of preseason, and especially in recent years, as all NFL preseason games are over by Thursday of that last week. That meant these major draft sites were overloaded with leagues drafting on that weekend, which killed their servers every year, causing many to have issues – and thousands of complaints to come pouring in on the final weekend, giving leagues no buffer weekend just-in-case their draft doesn’t work out.

So they promote this big draft day on the weekend before, knowing some leagues won’t move their draft dates, but they’d still move enough to lessen the load on their servers on those final days.

Secondly, they don’t promote the National Fantasy Draft Day very much ahead of that week because they don’t really want to overload it by having leagues that would normally draft on the first or second preseason week, move theirs to the third week of preseason.

“I won’t mince my words — these corporate-created holidays are absolute BS. However, I don’t have to send my “special lady” flowers, take any co-workers out to lunch, or eat a particular food that is going to inflate my constantly expanding waist line. In fact, the expectation is that I will do a Fantasy football draft. In my best Ray Liotta as Henry Hill voice, ‘Ohhhh, allll riiight.'” – SCFE Fantasy Football Writer, Mark Strausberg

So that’s our theory on why the 2016 National Fantasy Draft Day is held on Saturday, Aug. 27! Makes sense, right? Now, what do you do on this sacred day?

Where is Your Fantasy Draft Party Being Held?

Our suggestions on how you should celebrate a day like that is to have your draft party either at a buddy’s house, or at a local bar.

Before we get to the bar part, let’s talk about your buddy’s house. Pick the buddy that has:

  • A spouse ready to please their guests, or no spouse at all.
  • Plenty of seating
  • A pool! (The best draft I’ve ever been to (and I’ve done probably 200 by now), was at a friend’s house with a pool. We taped up the draft board and drafted while swimming, grilling and getting drunk. Top 10 day with my friends ever.

As far as the bar goes, it’s important you pick the right bar, and I’ll give you some examples of how this can go wrong.

Our commissioner had a friend that owned a bar in Fort Lauderdale, so we went there every year for our drafts. The food was OK, and it was a pretty dead bar, so we had the place to ourselves on a late summer Saturday afternoon (kinda depressing, though!). One part that really sucked about it was that a smoker’s bar, so the entire time we drafted, we had to deal with the stank of the two nearby smoking barflies that haaated us sooo much. We were ruining their daily ritual of inching closer to death. Our bad! So we moved it – and where we moved it to was Buffalo Wild Wings.

For the record, I don’t make any money off of pimping BWW, but I’d love to!

But check out their latest promotion in hopes that you’ll have your Fantasy Draft Party at your nearby B-B-Dubs. You’ll get a ton of stuff, and you get to order some Mango Habanero wings, which are easily a top-three flavor in all the world!

So have fun on your 2016 National Fantasy Draft Day, wherever you decide to draft. Just do me one huge favor: Don’t be the guy that’s yelling at people to hurry up and pick. This is the best day of the year! Enjoy it as long as you can!

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