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It was not that long ago that I graced the halls of Lyman Moore Middle school.

Braces, cargo shorts, and graphic tees were my style almost every day except for one night month: the Middle School Dance.

Ok honestly they were not that special, but they were a good chance to get dressed up and have fun with your friends.

Most of those memories are gone, but the ones that have lingered all involve the music of the time.

With Week 2 of the MLB season also fading in my memory, these are my top songs of the mid-2000’s  best matchups for your Week 3 Hitting Planner.

Week 3 Hitting Planner


Jason Castro (vs. CLE, vs. DET)

Let’s “Get the Party Started” (P!nk) by talking about one of my favorite catchers of the week in Jason Castro. Castro is doing some extraordinary things through his first seven games of the season. He has a BB% of 32.1% and a K% of 7.1%. While neither seems sustainable for a full season, it’s likely those trends leak into Minnesota’s Week 3 slate of games.

Castro’s elite discipline is leading him to an 85.1% Contact rate and producing a .316 batting average. There is room to grow for Castro’s power number (ISO of .211) if he can begin to pull the ball more this week (41.2% Opp% ). Castro could take advantage of the hanging porch in right field or as the song by P!nk goes “I’m comin up {to the right field porch} so you better get this party started.”


First Base

Wil Myers (at ATL, vs. ARI, vs. MIA)


Did everyone enjoy his or her tacos last week? Thanks for letting me toot my own horn there for a second, but Wil Myers returns again because he’s hot. The only song in my head right now is “What’s Luv” by Fat Joe and Ashanti. The first time I asked a girl to dance was to this song. It will forever hold a place in my heart as a very painful memory of rejection; however, in this instance, it is a happy moment since Myers is crushing the ball so far this week.

The Padres have a full slate of games starting with one at Atlanta then five at home with three against the Diamondbacks and two against the Marlins. The Padres have to travel cross-country from Atlanta to San Diego to play the Diamondbacks at home in the beginning of Week 3. I do not think the lag and disruption in sleep schedule will have an adverse effect on Myers this week as he seems more comfortable hitting in his home park with a career wRC+ of 124 at home.


Second Base

Yangervis Solarte (at ATL, vs. ARI, vs. MIA)

“Hey Ya” took Outkast from Atlanta rap legends to worldwide superstardom. Week 2 took Solarte from stream play to underrated Fantasy stud. Currently, Solarte is slashing .324/.366/.541 with two home runs and 10 RBI. Myers and Solarte are driving the Padres offense, and that should continue into Week 3, so “shake it like a polaroid picture” and start Solarte in your Week 3 Hitting Planner.


Third Base

Eduardo Nunez (at KC, at COL)

Do you remember being nervous because you had no clue how to dance? Yeah me too, but Cupid fixed that for all of us. The “Cupid Shuffle” beautifully choreographed lyrics eased the pressure by giving you the steps to take so you will never miss a beat; however, I missed a beat last week’s hitting planner by basically punting steals.

The Week 3 Hitting Planner has “got a brand new dance” in the form of the red-hot Eduardo Nunez. Nunez is getting on base at a .381 clip 10 games into his 2017 season, and he is turning that time on the base paths into steals. Currently, Nunez is averaging .5 steals a game. The Giants only play five games this week, but Nunez should still be able to net some steals while keeping your average afloat. Fair warning, do not expect much power out of Nunez.



Elvis Andrus (at OAK, vs. KC)


“We’re going down down in an earlier round” used to be Elvis Andrus’ motto at the dish. He was purely a ground ball guy. He could net you steals and keep your batting average afloat, but something changed last season. Andrus began to lift the ball with authority, and the dividends are already paying off nine games into his 2017 campaign. “Cock it and pull it” is Andrus’ new motto as he is nearly pulling 70% of the balls he hits at an outstanding 40.6% Hard%.

Andrus and the Rangers face a below average group of starters in Oakland and then come home to a 1.049 park factor for homers against the Kansas City Royals. The power opportunity should be there and you can thrash about to Fall Out Boys “Sugar, We’re Going Down” so there might be a few steals mixed into his Week 3.



Manuel Margot (at ATL, vs. ARI, vs. MIA)


The “Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper is another dance song that littered middle school dances across the nation, but following precedent, a dance song means stolen base chances. Manuel Margot is much more than just stolen bases chances. Margot has a .381 ISO through 10 games. His three homers and eight runs have a chance to skyrocket this week as he faces the same slate of pitchers as Wil Myers and Yangervis Solarte. 

Mitch Haniger (vs. MIA, at OAK)

Chingy would say “I like the way you do that right thurr” in regards to the season Mitch Haniger has put together through 10 games. A .300 ISO is driving Haniger’s value, but many would like to see him raise his average above .250. Seattle’s offense has struggled at times in 2017 already, but they are facing an easier crop of starting pitchers this week. Hopefully, Haniger remembers this song from his middle school dances.

Yoenis Cespedas (vs. PHI, vs. WSH)

Should you start Yoenis Cespedas? “Yeah” says Usher. He’s right. Cespedas has six home runs and a .525 ISO through his first 10 games. This power streak should carry into Week 3. The Mets have a travel day as they go travel from Florida back home to New York to face the Phillies and Nationals. “Watch out” as Lil John correctly yells in the background since Cespedas had a wRC+ of 143 in 2016. Head to your nearest Fantasy sports playing devices, pop on “Yeah” by Usher, plug Cespedas into your lineups… profit?


If you need pitcher guidance, check out Scott Guthrie’s Pitching Planner.

Final Thoughts

Maybe I was a lot dorkier than I remember, but these songs really stand out as fond memories of my youth. Hopefully, we can look back at this week fondly with your favorite song. For me, the song of the summer is “The Outfield” by Night Game. Tweet @SoCalledFanEx if you have any theme suggestions, but if not, stay tuned for next weeks theme of…

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