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Dirty Fantasy Team names are as American as the game of baseball. Most of us are in leagues where originality, creativity, and general vulgarity is applauded.

As I mentioned in my football version of this list, there are different types of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) names. There are player name puns, pop cultural references and then your basic sex-related terms. The male and female anatomies are also big players in this space.

So whether you want to amuse yourself, or you want to make everyone else in your league giggle at the sight of the standings, you need a solid name. Either way, these names will get the job done.

Here is out list of 55 Dirty Fantasy Team Names : Baseball Edition. These are DEFINITELY NSFW. Other writers helped contribute to the list again, but again I doubt they want their contributions attributed to them.

Lastly, this is all in good fun. By no means do we (SCFE) mean to offend anyone. If you are of the easily squeamish, you might want to turn back now.

55 Dirty Fantasy Team Names: Baseball Edition

Be sure to be ready to minimize the page should anyone walk up.

General NSFW


These terms range from clever to disgusting.

  • Backdoor Sliders– Can be taken a number of different ways.
  • Bartolo’s Colon Cleanse– Gross, but effective.
  • Joey Votto’s Locos
  • J. Cron’s Stomach Issues
  • Sonny Gray’s Sex Chamber– 50 Shades of Sonny Gray works as well
  • The Human Cespedes
  • Aaron or Gary Dirty Sanchez
  • Cruz’n Fo’ Pitches
  • Reaching on a Double– Urban-dictionary it; could also be in the sex category
  • Julio’s Urias Tract Infection
  • Kenta Maeda Bitch Out of Him
  • Getting Good Wood– on the pitch of course!


Sexual Terms


Seriously, if you are easily offended, click away now.

  • Glory Pujols
  • Put It In Her Pujols
  • Pitcher/Catcher Versatility– #BrokeBackMountain
  • Suckmyballachia– Too bad he actually sucks now and the reference means less
  • Seung Hwan Oh-Face– #OfficeSpace
  • Rusty Trumbo
  • Melky Discharge
  • Slamming Balls Deep… In the Outfield
  • Second Base Kind of Night
  • Slobb on My Alex Cobb- Randall Cobb is taking royalties on this one
  • Chris Archer Back Now
  • Switch-Hitters– Some sort of Switch-Curious can also be used.
  • Brad’s Hand Stuff
  • Just the Foul Tips– #WeddingCrashers
  • Going for Fifth Base- Another term that I would rather you look up yourself.


Female Anatomy


Some of these you have to think for a minute.

  • Shin-Soo Two Girls One Cup– Gross.
  • Andrew Been-in-tittys
  • Hamels’ Toes
  • Fister’s Fastballs
  • RBI’d For Her Pleasure– You don’t read it R-B-I…
  • Va-J.J. Hardy
  • Trout’s Female Underpants– Think of the smell.
  • Grab Her by the Posey– #Trump
  • Matt’s Hairy Bush
  • Neftali Fel’ Izzy Up– A bit of a stretch, but if you hear it, it’s funny
  • Finding A Hole
  • Double Headers
  • Getting Out of the Bush Leagues


Male Anatomy


Nothing is funnier between a group of guys than penis jokes apparently.

  • Pitches Love the Dickey
  • Justin Verlander’s Selfie Sticks– I mean he’s with Kate Upton, no shame in his game.
  • Yoenis Envy
  • Mike Nap-Nap-Weiner– Texas Rangers’ fans will get this one.
  • Logan Forsythe’s Kin
  • Marcus Semien’s Donations
  • Garrett’s Richards in a Box– What is a nickname for Richard?
  • 2 Balls, 1 Bat
  • My Wong Hangs Wainwright
  • Dee Gordon’z Nuts
  • Small Batting Gloves, Small Cups– Another #Trump
  • Aiken Balls
  • Hidden Ball Tricks
  • Swingin’ Big Bats


Have any more dirty Fantasy Team names that you didn’t see? Shoot them at me on Twitter, @Tomlin3.  Be sure and check out the 251+ Horribly Awesome Fantasy Baseball Team Names provided by David Gonos.


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