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In some leagues, your Fantasy Team’s name is more important than the draft. Hell, some leagues give part of the prize pool to the best names.

There are a few different types of team names, though. You have the player or football vocabulary puns (Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe). There are also the movie/TV show references (Password is Taco, Winterfell Direwolves). Our own David Gonos compiles a massive list of Fantasy Football team names every year — but they’re safe names. We’re here to talk about the dirty Fantasy team names.

Then we all have our leagues that are — different. Whether it be your old college/high school buddies, a beer-league softball team or just a group of degenerates, these leagues are more than Fantasy Football. They are the platform that we use with each other to start our comedic joke sets.

Usually, these leagues are with people who don’t see each other as much as we used to. That makes that weekly look at the league standings a reason to exhibit your level of humor.

These type of leagues you need something a little more vulgar for your team name. You want to make to make someone sheepishly giggle at having to say the name.

Here is our list of 55 Dirty Fantasy Team Names that are NSFW. Other writers contributed to this list, but I’m not sure if they want to be associated with their contributions.

Lastly, this is all in good fun. By no means does SCFE mean to offend anyone. If you are of the easily squeamish, you might turn back now.

55 Fantasy Team Names: Not Safe For Work!

Be sure to be ready to minimize the page should anyone walk up.

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Sexual Innuendos

These dirty Fantasy team names hint at certain sexual acts and parts.

  • Kenneth Dixon/out
  • Vajayjay Twatt
  • Slob on my Cobb – This is where we enter the fellatio portion of the names.
  • Schaub on My Knob
  • She Gives Woodhead
  • Morning Woodhead
  • OBJ A Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  • SexualPeake – Jets fans understand this one better.
  • JuergensGoff
  • Multiple Goregasms
  • Palmer TDs
  • Tittsburgh Feelers
  • Hard Gore Porn
  • Finding a Hole – Trent Richardson would not represent this team well.
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Sexual Innuendos

These dirty Fantasy team names hint at certain sexual acts and parts.

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