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The 2016 Fantasy Football draft season is closing in on us, which means we’re about to be inundated with a ton of Fantasy content from a billion Fantasy sites.

But for now, there are limited things to check out just after the 2016 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep looking at baseball boxscores, waiting for July.

I went through some of my favorite offseason bookmarks and I found a handful of spots I think you’ll love.

Some of these are articles you can read week over week, and some are good stats to come back to often.

Even after the Fantasy Football draft season begins, we’ll want to keep these links handy!

12 Fantasy Links to Bookmark During Football Offseason

Try to get into the habit of checking these pages at least once a week, or in the case of the newsletters, scanning them over every morning.

1. Mock Draft Weekly on the Free Draft Wizard

By far, this is the most useful Fantasy Football tool in the land, and during the offseason, you can do mock drafts for free. I like to do one once every week or so, because they pull in rankings from all experts, and you can see where values begin to change.

It also helps drill into your head that this guy always goes in the third round, and quarterbacks are still aplenty in Round 7, etc.

This tool is also great to experiment draft strategies with because you can revert a pick, change your mind, go back a few rounds, etc. It’s totally meant for great offseason action!

2. FantasyRundown’s Daily Article Links

Believe me when I say these guys don’t pay us to pimp them. They just do an awesome job of tracking down the best articles of the day. Checking this out every morning or afternoon is a great way to find some content gems, like deep dives into rookie profiles, etc.

3. RotoWorld Headlines

Every morning, checking this page is just a smart way to keep up on what’s going on. Their analysis is OK, at times, but just keeping your pulse on the NFL news from a Fantasy Football perspective is always a good thing.

4.’s 2016 ADP

While their current Fantasy Football drafts ADP is interesting, I also love to look back at their ADP history dating back to the late ‘90s.

5. SCFE’s Fantasy Six-Pack Hour Podcast

Joe Bond has done this podcast for years now, and he’s definitely one of our best. His podcast is loose and fun, and informative. It’s infotaining!

6. FootballGuys Free Email Newsletter

They do – hands down – the best offseason newsletter in the business. I’ve been subscribing since the early 2000s, including my time working at CBS. It’s a free email newsletter through July, I believe.

7. SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Seriously, this is the best deal in Fantasy Sports. If you play Fantasy Baseball and Football, along with Daily Fantasy, this is the best investment you can possibly make. It’s about $20 per month, but you can listen to it online, through their phone app, or old school – in your car or house. All day long, Fantasy Sports personalities talk about the day’s news and upcoming games, along with strategy upon strategy.

8. Upcoming Fantasy Magazines

I’m helping out with two Fantasy Football magazines right now, Athlon’s Fantasy Football preview, and the 2016 Fantasy Football Draft Guide, so keep your eyes open on the newsstands for the magazines sometime in June!

9. SCFE Offseason Content

Right now, we have all of our NFL Draft reactions, ranking the winners and losers from each position. Find out which players we think got a Fantasy boost after the draft, and which veterans might have become big losers because of the rookie additions.

10. Mock Drafts

This is a great way to mock draft against live people, as opposed to using the Draft Wizard app. Unfortunately, you might end up with some guys that bail before the draft is over. But still, you can get a good idea of current values in the first few rounds before people dip out because they don’t like their team.

12.’s Experts Consensus Rankings

This one’s kind of a no-duh listing. Any Fantasy Football writer worth a darn is connected with FantasyPros, and we all post our rankings on there – with frequent updates.

12. Updated Rankings on CBS and ESPN

If you draft on CBS or ESPN, then it’s imperative you know what the rankings on those sites are, because that’s what will likely be feeding your online draft’s preset player listings. Whether you agree with them or not, it’s good to know who they’re ranking higher or lower, which will help you determine which players might be bargains on this site, and which ones might be picked much higher than you’d prefer (possible busts).

Let us know in the comments section if there are some awesome Fantasy Football offseason links to bookmark you’d like to share with everyone!

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